Space Management

Campus Planning is the central monitoring point of all space on campus. Our department tracks, assigns, and reports all square footage on campus. We prioritize requests for space when it becomes available, provide temporary office space during renovations, and coordinate moves associated with renovations.

As part of this effort, Campus Planning is also responsible for reporting space utilization to the Ohio Board of Regents through their Higher Education Information system. The HEI system is a database of all Ohio colleges and universities space. This information is gathered by conducting space audits with departments and reporting through files submitted to the State. These reports include detailed information on building structures and their conditions, as well as rooms and their use. The State closely scrutinizes the utilization of classrooms and class labs on all campuses. This information is used for consideration in allocation of funding based upon age space calculations.

Space Audits

Campus Planning periodically conducts department space audits. The purpose of the space audit is to gather the most accurate, up-to-date information available. This information is then reported to the Ohio Board of Regents for use in the Higher Education Information system. Comparative analysis and space utilization calculations are made using these reports.

Updated: 05/19/2022 02:42PM