University Classroom Committee

The University Classroom Committee (UCC) is comprised of personnel from Academic Affairs, Planning, Construction, and Campus Operations, Information Technology Services, Enrollment Management, and Registration and Records.


UCC Mission

Effectively manage all of the classrooms on campus to provide excellent learning spaces for students and faculty within the resources available.



  1. Review all classroom utilization rates of Grid and departmental classrooms.
  2. Establish a target utilization for all classrooms to achieve.
  3. Maximize the utilization of all classrooms across the school day to reduce the total number of classrooms needed.
  4. Recover all departmental classrooms back into the Grid.
  5. Define classroom classifications (e.g. small/medium/large, active learning, lecture, telepresence, etc.) and how many of each type will be necessary to be maintained.
  6. Annually prioritize available funding for classroom upgrades based upon a defined set of criteria.
  7. Annually approve classroom technology standards.



  • Associate Vice President, Planning, Construction and Campus Operations (co-chair)
  • Chief Information Officer (co-chair)
  • Associate Provost
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Registrar
  • Assistant VP of Campus Operations
  • Director of Campus Planning
  • Director of Client Services - ITS
  • Director of Registration and Scheduling
  • Associate Dean in the Graduate College
  • Other members as needed

Updated: 05/19/2022 02:42PM