Shaal Provides Insight, Encouragement To Honors College Students

Christine Shaal

Christine Shaal’s commitment to the progress, support and success of her Honors students had earned her a Faculty Excellence Award. Shaal, a senior adviser in BGSU’s Honors College, received the 2018 Academic Advising and Mentoring Excellence Award at the Faculty Excellence Awards held April 9.

The award recognizes an individual faculty or staff member or group of individuals who contribute to the educational development of undergraduate students through effective academic advising and mentoring. The recognition includes an award of up to $1,000.

Dr. Jodi Lambdin Devine, associate dean of the Honors College wrote, “Despite working with so many students [Shaal] is always able to listen with precision. Often, she sees students who want to pursue educational activities beyond that which is required of the check sheet.”

Shaal has had a direct impact on Honors students’ progress in graduating with honors and completing the requirements that come with such a distinction. During her time in the program, the Honors College as a whole has had a four-year retention rate that exceeds that of the University’s rate.

When asked to support Shaal’s nomination, students were quick to tell of their relationship with her though stories and letters.

“Ms. Shaal always acted as though she had time to listen to what I had to say and, more importantly, was always willing to help me in any way she could,” junior Jack E. Amburgey said.

Senior Erica Eskins also attested to Shaal’s wonderful support and effective communication.

“Throughout my time here at BGSU, I explored many different options for myself and questioned a lot about what path I was going to take,” she said. “With every change I made, Chrissy was supportive and always ready to help me in whatever way she could.

“If each student here at BGSU had the opportunity to have an adviser like Chrissy, who makes every student feel important and wants to see them succeed, I truly believe that there would be a significant increase in retention.”

Another of Shaal’s advisees, Melanie Queener, wrote, “Mrs. Shaal has shown endless effort and interest in my personal success here at the University. She has truly gone above and beyond her required duty as an adviser and has made me feel welcomed, comforted and successful during my time here.”

Updated: 04/18/2018 03:47PM