Sturdevant Helps Students Find Their Path

Krista Sturdevant accepts her award from President Rodney Rogers

Krista Sturdevant’s commitment to student success and professional development has earned her a Faculty Excellence Award. Sturdevant, an adviser for both first-year and second-year Interior Design and Inclusive Early Childhood Education majors, received the 2018 Academic Advising and Mentoring Excellence Award at this year’s Faculty Excellence Awards held April 9.

The award recognizes an individual faculty or staff member or group of individuals who contribute to the educational development of undergraduate students through effective academic advising and mentoring. The recognition includes an award of up to $1,000.

Sturdevant was nominated for her work with academic advising and for her mentorship to students in finding the best fit in their educational pathways.

Matthew Webb, director of student academic services in the College of Education and Human Development, said, “Krista has developed several programs to nudge students toward other options at an early stage, helping show them there are other programs at BGSU that can lead to happiness and also utilize their skills and talents.”

Kimberly Christensen, coordinator for Inclusive Early Childhood Education, wrote, “I cannot think of a more qualified or capable individual than Krista Sturdevant. She exhibits professionalism and enthusiasm in every responsibility she undertakes.” Christensen attested to Sturdevant’s commitment to promoting the retention of students through pitching in at University events and attending community fairs.

Junior Rachel Herrick, one of Sturdevant’s advisees, praised Sturdevant’s capacity to really care about her students’ successes, and to make sure that their well-being is on track at the same time their classes are ongoing.

“Krista, along with being very knowledgeable about the program, cares about the success of the students she advises,” Herrick said. “She has helped me map out how I am going to spend my four years here. Krista understands how each of the students she advises is unique.”

Sturdevant “manages her job with grace and finesse, and she goes above and beyond with her leadership to the advising profession,” Webb added. Her management of 400-450 caseloads in both Interior Design and Inclusive Early Childhood Education is thorough and incredibly helpful, according to her nominators.

As Christensen said, “Krista works very closely with program leaders to ensure a clear, consistent level of services and support are provided to our students.”

Updated: 04/18/2018 02:52PM