Online students experience BGSU campus during December commencement


Five students from the Master of Education in Classroom Technology program came to campus for the first time in December to receive their diplomas. Emily Haynes, Samantha Jarrett, Carol Puder, Brooke Russell and James Sholes were among the first group of students to graduate under the new eCampus format in the Master of Education in Classroom Technology program. All five students are full-time educators in school districts across northwest Ohio and enrolled in the master’s program to become leaders in the field of educational technology.
“I am so thrilled that a group of students from our program made time to attend December commencement,” said Dr. Allison Goedde, program coordinator. “Each of these individuals is a full-time practicing teacher who demonstrated commitment and pride as a BGSU Falcon.  Prior to commencement, none of them ever set foot on campus.”
BGSU has expanded its online program selection over the last several years to become more inclusive by offering an array of degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level to both traditional and nontraditional students. 
“It is important that students who enroll in online education at BGSU are considered part of the campus community,” said Goedde. “As educators, we make time for all students, whether they are in a classroom or taking courses through eCampus. We want our students in the College of Education and Human Development to feel like they are part of our community.”  
The Master of Education in Classroom Technology is a cutting-edge degree that is one of six pilots in BGSU’s new eCampus format. Recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a top online graduate program in education, this program is offered 100 percent online and students engage with course content and instructors without formal face-to-face meetings. Instructors use technology to facilitate learning and demonstrate competency with technology integration practices in kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms of Ohio.
The program focuses on training students to be innovators in their classroom practices. Strengths of the program include customized coursework and individualized plans created to meet students’ unique needs and interests. 
Graduate students are strongly encouraged to use course projects to transform their current classrooms in inventive, practical ways. The master’s degree is nationally accredited and approved through 2017 by the International Standards for Technology in Education (ISTE) for Coaches.