Current Population Survey (CPS)

  • FP-18-08
    Characteristics of First-Time Mothers Aged 40 and Older
  • FP-18-06
    Fathers with Resident Minor Children, 2016
  • FP-17-16
    American Children's Family Structure: Stepparent Families
  • FP-17-15
    American Children's Family Structure: Two Biological Parent Families
  • FP-16-07
    Median Age at First Marriage, 2014
  • FP-16-06
    Trends in Men's Economic Characteristics and Marriage
  • FP-15-21
    Trends in Cohabitation: The Never Married and Previously Married, 1995-2014
  • FP-15-17
    Marriage in the U.S.: Twenty-five Years of Change, 1989-2014
  • FP-15-16
    Assortative Mating: Racial Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
  • FP-15-15
    Assortative Mating: Educational Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
  • FP-15-14
    Assortative Mating: Age Heterogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
  • FP-14-07
    Marital Status in the U.S., 2012
  • FP-14-01
    Single, Cohabiting, & Married Households: 1995-2012
  • FP-13-20
    Change in Proportion of Childless Women, 1995-2010
  • FP-13-19
    Children's Family Structure, 2013
  • FP-13-16
    Diverging Destinies: Children's Family Structure Variation by Maternal Education
  • FP-13-08
    Receipt of Food & Cash Assistance among Poor Children: Trends and Geographic Variation    
  • FP-12-23
    Single, Cohabiting, and Married Mothers in the U.S., 2011    
  • FP-12-20
    Women's Employment Rate, 2010    
  • FP-12-16
    Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Children, 2010    
  • FP-12-03
    Crossover in Median Age at First Marriage and First Birth: Thirty Years of Change
  • FP-11-02
    On the Road to Adulthood: Leaving the Parental Home    
  • FP-11-01
    U.S. Families and Households: Economic Well-being    
  • FP-10-01
    Marital Status in the U.S., 2008    
  • FP-09-03
    Median Age at First Marriage in the U.S., 2008
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Working Papers & Publications
  • WP-09-14
    Manning, W. D., & Brown, S. L. (2009, December). The Demography of Unions Among Older Americans: 1980-present.
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    Balistreri, K., Manning, W., & Brown, S. (2009). New Family Measures: An Examination of Direct Measures of Cohabitation and Parent Pointers.Poster presented at the Population Association of America (PAA) Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI (April/May).
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