Diversity Education

The Office of Multicultural Affairs develops, coordinates, and sponsors a variety of diversity education opportunities across campus, such as academic courses, trainings and workshops, and collaborative programming with campus partners.


BGSU 1910: Multicultural Success - Yes!

This course integrates academic success strategies with diversity, inclusion, curricular and co-curricular experiences to support a holistic approach toward the retention and persistence of diverse student populations. Emphasis on using the Appreciative Advising approach to build positive relationships, enhance self-discovery, set goals, design how to reach goals and to set the bar high for academic and personal success. The course creates opportunities for team building while embracing and benefiting from diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The Inclusive Leadership Certificate (ILC), offered by the Marvin Center for Student Leadership and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is a foundational program that will help you develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills for inclusive leadership in an increasingly diverse world. Employers are looking for leaders who value & develop inclusive leadership skills. This is a perfect way to incorporate that competency into your leadership toolkit, meet people who share your interests, and contribute to making BGSU a more inclusive community. These sessions are foundational and aimed at providing introductory context to the multiple aspects of being an inclusive leader.  All voices, experiences, and perspectives are appreciated and welcome in our conversations.

Session 1: “Who Am I?” 
This session focuses on allowing participants to critically reflect on aspects of their own identity, engage them in meaningful conversation about identity, and enhance their skills in discussing identity with others.

Session 2: “Me & You—Different Perspectives” 
This session focuses on engaging participants in an open and honest discussion on privileged and underrepresented identities and provides participants with a safe space and practical examples to understand differences in individuals.

Session 3: “Intercultural Communication” 
This session focuses on helping participants understand the need to reflect on their own culture and how it impacts their view on others, helps participants recognize cultural differences, and shows how those differences effect communication.

Session 4: “Social Norms & Micro Aggressions” 
This session focuses on engaging participants in a discussion about ways to confront oppression, micro-aggressions, and other similar topics in a safe environment.

Session 5: “Power and Privilege” 
This session focuses on providing participants with a safe space to open up and discuss controversial topics, allow them to walk away with a better understanding of how power and privilege are manifested in society, and gives participants tools and knowledge to help confront examples of power and privilege.

Session 6: “Social Justice” 
This session focuses on teaching participants about the various components of social justice and how different approaches work together to create a better world.

omaaRequest a Diversity Workshop Today!

There are various types of diversity workshops that have been made available for request by Office of Multicultural Affairs Ambassadors (OMAAs) and staff in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The OMAAs are undergraduate student employees who support and facilitate the mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA). These student leaders represent the OMA across campus, empowering their peers and the community to engage with topics of cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion in a collective effort to create a welcoming, socially just, and inclusive campus community. These students participate in professional development and continue to polish their skills in engaging their peers through workshops and dialogues and represent the office at Enrollment Management recruitment events such as Preview Days, SOAR, and more. There is a list of available diversity workshop activities on the OMA web site. Under the guidance of staff and a graduate assistant, the OMA Ambassadors can consult and customize workshops to best meet the need of the request. Below are the list of workshops that can be requested:

  • Diversity Wheel
  • 10 Dumb Things
  • Act Like a Man/Act Like a Woman
  • Cycle of Oppression
  • The Card Party
  • Barnga
  • Cultural Pursuit
  • Guided Journey
  • Heterosexuality Questionnaire
  • Potato Activity
  • Pizza with a Catch
  • Unequal Resources
  • “Yes” Can Mean “No”
  • Perspectives on Your Past

When the request is from graduate level professionals or faculty and staff, the graduate student and staff are the ones to respond and facilitate the request and workshop accordingly. Please fill out the Request Form or email Diversity@bgsu.edu to tell us about your request. There are various types of workshops, trainings, and sessions that have been made available for request by students and staff in the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Programming can be customized for your needs and facilitated by an OMA associate. Please fill out the Request Form or email Diversity@bgsu.edu to tell us about your request.