Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs

Faculty-Led Overview and Manual

Short-term Faculty-led programs offer the opportunity for a group of students to explore the world with a BGSU faculty member in a specific discipline and country of interest. Faculty-led programs are built by professors who not only teach course content, but act as knowledgeable cultural guides for students. This international experiential learning provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in another country while building greater connections with the BGSU instructor and fellow students.

BGSU Education Abroad supports faculty members throughout the development process to ensure that the international study experience is successful. Faculty are urged to consult with Education Abroad, in International Programs and Partnerships as soon as they know they may want to develop a new program. Please contact Michelle Ploeger, Coordinator of Education Abroad, at mploege@bgsu.edu to review the manual, timeline, processes, and next steps. The Guidelines for Developing Faculty-Led Programs Abroad is a helpful resources for faculty and staff involved in faculty-led programming.

Faculty-Led Proposal and Application

Submit your Faculty-Led Proposal Application online.  It is important to review and discuss your program ideas with your Department, College, and International Programs and Partnerships, before submitting an application.    

RFP: Travel Funds for Education Abroad Programs for 2021 Winter Session


To expand the number of opportunities for BGSU students during the newly created Winter Session, International Programs and Partnerships invites faculty to submit proposals to receive funds to visit prospective locations abroad with the intent of developing new programs for January 2021.  Preference will be given to faculty new to BGSU in the last three years who have not previously taught students abroad.

Application deadline

To meet the Education Abroad 2021 Winter Session proposal deadline of November 1, 2019, applicants for the travel funds must submit their requests by March 1st, 2019.  Awards will be announced on April 1st, 2019. 


Applicants are requested to fill out and submit the online Prospective Funding Application form.  

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria as demonstrated in the Prospective Funding Application form:

  • Travel that will result in programs that have the potential for robust enrollment (e.g. by reaching out to students across disciplines.
  • Travel that will result in programs focused on cultural diversity
  • Travel to locations that are preferably new to BGSU faculty-led programs or to an existing Education Abroad location that will attract a new population of students
  • Travel to destinations that are safe for students and faculty
  • Travel to develop programs that are affordable to BGSU students

A reviewing committee led by International Programs and Partnerships and comprised of faculty who have led students abroad will select proposals for funding for 2020.


March 1, 2019                                                   Proposals due electronically to International Programs and Partnerships

April 1, 2019                                                       Awards announced

May/June/July, 2019                                          Travel to explore proposed site

Contact Information                      

Questions about the RFP may be directed to Dr. Marcia Salazar-Valentine, Executive Director, International Programs and Partnerships (marcias@bgsu.edu) or Michelle Ploeger, Coordinator of Education Abroad, International Programs and Partnerships (mploege@bgsu.edu)