Education Abroad Ambassadors


Caroline Flaesgarten

My name is Caroline Flaesgarten and I am a senior at the college of business, majoring in International Business and minoring in Economics and French. I studied abroad in Strasbourg, France from September 2016 to May 2017, my entire junior year! My favorite part of studying abroad was meeting new people and making friends from all over the world; traveling and practicing my French. Other students should study abroad because you gain independence and grow as an individual. Although adjusting to a new culture and country can be challenging, studying abroad is a life changing experience.  

 “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”- Saint Augustine


Kody Korbas

My name is Kody Korbas and I am a 4th year Gerontology major with a Spanish minor! This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad in Spain in a beautiful city called Alcalá de Henares. While in Spain, our group explored many different cities, landmarks and other important places that make Spain an incredible country. One of my favorite parts about this study abroad experience, aside from the excursions we went one, was the opportunity to interact, and communicate with the Spanish people, while also learning new things that you truly cannot learn inside of the classroom. I believe that the study abroad experience is one that truly cannot be taught. Learning about a culture or language in a classroom will always be valuable, but being immersed into the actual culture itself is something that I have found to be the most intriguing part of my study abroad experience. The Bowen Thompson Student Union proudly displays a quote from BGSU President William Jerome that reads, "The essence of education is change," and now, after my education abroad experience, I can agree that this quote is absolutely true.


Allison Neary

G’ day mates! My name is Allie Neary and I spent my spring 2017 semester studying abroad at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  I am junior, dual majoring in finance and international business.  My favorite part of studying abroad was making friends with students from all over the world who have the same passions as I do.  I think everyone should study abroad because you will gain a new appreciation for people, cultures, and the world, and it will open your eyes to all the unlimited opportunities you are capable of doing.


Kelly McQuigg

My name is Kelly McQuigg and I am a junior studying Early Childhood Education! This past spring semester I traveled to England to study abroad at Keele University. The 5 months I spent in England was the best time of my life. I met some of the most amazing people, made lasting friendships, and gained a new perspective and appreciation of new cultures. I learned more about myself than I ever have, and my experiences have further shaped me into the person I want to be. If you have a chance to study abroad, and want to experience a new freedom and independence, DO IT, you won’t regret it.


Lillian King

My name is Lillian King and I am a senior creative writing major with a history minor. I studied the 2017 Spring semester at Keele University in the Stoke-on-Trent, England and was awarded the Hoskins Global Scholar Program to study the places the Marquis de Lafayette went in mainland Europe and write about them. My favorite parts about studying abroad were going to the cinema with the friends I'd made at my new university and traveling to Toledo, Spain as someone whose hometown is its sister city, Toledo, Ohio. I think students should study abroad because the difference between visiting another country and living there can only be appreciated when you're doing it, and after college we might not get another chance.


Luke Stierwalt

My name is Luke Stierwalt and I am a senior majoring in Finance/Sales and Service Marketing. I studied abroad for the spring 2017 Semester in Madrid Spain with our exchange partner Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My favorite part of studying abroad was the unique traveling experiences and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I encourage other students to study abroad because it is an invaluable experience that will allow you to immerse in a country and a different culture that will leave an everlasting impact for a lifetime.


Kami Sammetinger

Hi! I'm Kami Sammetinger and I will be a senior this year majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I studied abroad in both Australia and Fiji in May 2017. My course was designed for education majors so the main goal was to examine the similarities and differences between the education systems of the United States, Australia, and Fiji in various educational settings. It was a perfect fit for me because I want to work in a school setting and I was able to interact with a variety of different people during my time abroad. My favorite part of my trip abroad was being able to immerse myself in the different cultures, especially in Fiji when we spent time in a local village. Studying abroad helped me become more independent and self reliant and as well as allowed me to create relationships peers on my course and abroad. Studying abroad opened up a whole new world for me and I strongly encourage those considering it to take the plunge and go abroad.


Maya Danner

I'm Maya Danner and this is my third year at BGSU. I am a Spanish and International Studies double major with a specialization in teaching English as a second language. The second semester of my sophomore year (Spring 2017) I studied abroad in Alcala de Henares, Spain for four months. While there I was immersed in the culture and happy to always have somewhere new to explore. I encourage others to study abroad because it challenges you in ways that are unique to being in another country and it shows you other cultures.