Education Abroad Ambassadors


Jessica Wheeler

My name is Jess Wheeler and I am a senior majoring in Business specializing in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems.  I studied abroad in Ghent, Belgium during the spring 2018 semester. My favorite memory is making new friends from different countries and them educating me on European ways. Going abroad gives you a chance to see how the other side of the world lives and pushes you outside your comfort zone.


Allie Campbell

My name is Allie Campbell and I spent summer 2017 in Alcala de Henares, Spain. I am a junior, dual majoring in Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Sociology. Studying abroad in Spain is what led me to making the decision to add Spanish as my major. The experience made me absolutely fall in love with the Spanish language and culture. One challenge I had to face while studying abroad was being forced out of my comfort zone. Through traveling and living in a completely new country I had to learn how to be independent and rely on myself. These are skills that I have taken with me back home and that I will carry with me through the rest of adulthood.  My favorite part of studying abroad was meeting people who were completely different from me. Studying abroad opens your eyes in a way no other experience can. I now have such an immense passion for learning about new people and cultures. Studying abroad will be an experience you will have with you for a lifetime. There are limitless opportunities!


Haleigh Dwyer

“Studying abroad will change your life” is such a cliché that I’m sure everyone is so tired of hearing, just as I was before I went, but the statement couldn’t be more true.  I am a senior in the College of Business majoring in Accounting and spent the 2017 Fall semester as a student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Madrid, Spain.  Personally, I became much more independent as well as self-reliant and self-motivated. My appreciation for other cultures and languages was enhanced. Academically and professionally I became much more interested in learning more about the European markets and how they directly or indirectly affect what happens in the US market and vice versa. Leaving with a more global perspective and a willingness to relocate and travel is something I think will really give me a one-up in the business world moving forward in my career.


Vincent Fauceglia

Ciao! my name is Vincent Fauceglia and I am a Senior in the College of Business, and I am currently finishing my degree in Sales & Services Marketing. In the spring of 2018 I had the privilege of traveling and studying in Milan, Italy and throughout Europe as a well. The whole education abroad experience helped me grow in so many ways. I became more self-reliant, able to navigate and travel in foreign countries all on my own without speaking the languages. Italy taught me to take a moment everyday to "stop and smell the roses" that comes from taking pride in an espresso in the morning, a nap during the day, and an aperitif before dinner to enjoy every aspect of life. My favorite memory was getting to share it all with my mom after I became so acclimated to Italian society and helped her cross a few things off her bucket list and of course eat our way through town after town as well. If I had to give advice to a perspective student, I'd say live the cliché studying abroad will change your life forever. Don't worry about the things that might be stopping you, it's worth it. You will keep these memories and experiences for the rest of your life. "Vai e divertiti!" Just go & enjoy!


Hannah Lanfear

Hi my name is Hannah Lanfear and I am a senior majoring in French and Political Science. I spent the spring 2018 semester studying abroad in Tours, France on an exchange program. One of my favorite memories is getting sandwiches from the bakery with friends and eating them by the river in Tours. Outside of the opportunity to travel, studying abroad gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to experience different ways of life and perspectives that you would not have considered otherwise. I learned a lot about a new culture and made a lot of new friends, but I also learned a lot about myself and became much more confident.


Raven Hazlett

My name is Raven Hazlett and I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing. I spent the spring 2018 semester at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. My favorite memory was definitely our Easter break trip Cairns in Queensland. The nature there was breathtaking and I got to make memories with people who are now some of my best friends. A close second for favorite memory would probably be the first time we all went to explore the Melbourne CBD. I remember being so excited to live there for the next 4 months! Studying abroad allows you to meet some of the most amazing and diverse people, and most of the time you keep in contact with them even after you go home. Depending on the country you visit, you get to see some of the world’s greatest landscapes and architecture all while you’re completing your studies. Going abroad is an opportunity that many people don’t take advantage of, so it helps your resume stand out after graduation!


Julie Meyers

I'm Julie Meyers and I am a third year French major and creative writing minor. However, I spent my entire second year as a foreign exchange student in France.  I learned more about what my goals were for my future career and I learned how important it is to communicate with those around you even if it doesn’t seem that it will benefit you. When I came back from France I recognized how much I just missed the ease of a conversation with people and my desire to just get to know people, I am more social than I have ever been and now have every desire to speak and to get to know people. I recognized that I should be passionate about what it is that I am doing, and if I’m not then maybe I should make a change in my routine, and that every day counts for something, and no time you have is wasted when doing that.


Ellis Ulery

My name is Ellis Ulery and I am a junior majoring in Aviation. I participated in a spring 2018 program in London, England through an affiliate partner ISA. One of my favorite memories from my semester abroad is paragliding in Switzerland and driving through Iceland. I think all students should consider going abroad because it fulfills a need to do something different in your life and for an opportunity to have adventures.


Essma Kheiry

It was a freeing and empowering moment being able to do something I've always wanted to try but never had the chance. You should say yes to new experiences and be open to doing as much as possible, but also know that it's okay to just relax sometimes from all of it.

Rachel Harris.PNG

Rachel Harris

Hi there everyone! My name is Rachel Harris and I am a fourth year studying International Studies and German. The spring semester of 2018 I was able to study abroad in Salzburg, Austria. I made so many amazing memories there but one of my favorites was riding the bus to school and being completely immersed in the culture. Others should go abroad because I not only learned about different cultures first hand, I also gained so much confidence in my language skills and in myself.