Study in the heart of Europe

Study in the heart of Europe

Salzburg is a vibrant, youthful and dynamic city surrounded by endless natural beauty waiting to be discovered!

BGSU in Salzburg

Study in the heart of the Alps

BGSU in Salzburg is one of the most affordable study abroad programs in Europe. For more than 50 years, our partnerships with the 400-year-old University of Salzburg (PLUS) and the Mozarteum University Salzburg have given students practical and diverse course work, dedicated support networks, high levels of academic excellence, preparation for the global job market and the ability to enrich their academic experiences, all while living in a beautiful and vibrant city.

Why Salzburg?

Salzburg is a UNESCO Heritage site located in the heart of Europe. There is youthful energy at the 400-year-old Paris Londron University Salzburg (PLUS) and at the Mozarteum University Salzburg! At the PLUS, students may choose from more than 30 degree programs, all supported with excellent, research-based teaching. In Salzburg, students from all around the world can study in a safe environment, enjoy the rich historical setting and the world-class landscapes.

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Live in the Heart of a Historic City

  • Comfortable dorm rooms in the city center
  • Excellent food options at the university and around the city
  • Supportive learning environments with ample study spaces
  • Safe and convenient city

Paris Londron University of Salzburg

  • The Paris Londron Universitie Salzburg (PLUS) founded in 1622. 
  • Comprised of four faculties with 18,000 students and around 2,800 staff members
  • Offers 115 programs of study
  • Many programs available fully in English
University of Salzburg

Program Costs

  • Most affordable study abroad program in German-speaking countries
  • The best value program in Europe
  • Program costs include tuition, accommodations, excursions and much more!
Costs and Fees

Our Academic Programs

Since 1960 University of Salzburg and Bowling Green State University have worked together in providing students with practical and diverse course work to enrich each individual students’ academic experience. We take pride in offering the most affordable study abroad program for our students.

Summer Program

During the summer semester students will be immersed by Austrian culture as the city comes alive throughout the spring. This beautiful setting is accompanied by locals and visitors alike who fill the streets with music, art and culture. Thank to the Salzburger Festspiele, Salzburg turns into the stage of the World during summertime.


Spring/Fall Semester Program

A full year in Salzburg provides students with incomparable exposure to the German language and European culture while helping them advance in their academic journeys.

Official Certificate Program

If students opt for the option to participate in our year-long program, they have the opportunity to acquire a specialty certificate from the University of Salzburg in one of eight different subject areas.


Master Program

Spend a year in Salzburg as part of the BGSU M.A. program in German! The M.A. program is a two-year program in which you spend the first year of graduate study at the University of Salzburg in Austria and the second at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During your year in Salzburg master students can serve as tutors and start teaching supervised by the director of the AYA program.

This program provides an excellent and welcoming environment for German acquisition as well as excellent learning opportunities for students of all majors. Despite having faced many challenges along the way I have never felt more supported by a group of educators in my life and that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have expected.


My favorite thing about this year abroad is the people I’ve met. All of us in the program get along so well and have similar interests, challenges, and goals. The director is simply amazing and has only the best in mind for each of us. This semester, I’ve read my first novel in German, almost 300 pages. I never thought I would do that in another language.


I absolutely love the program! Everyone is like a big happy family here. For holidays, we had group dinners, and all of us cooked our family favorites making it a great bonding experience! Everyone is here for each other making the experience all the better. It is a great experience all together with great people, a great program director, and a great place! I couldn't ask for a better program!


Our Partners and Collaborations

The AYA in Salzburg is constantly developing by building new interdisciplinary collaborations with different departments at BGSU, and with many colleges and universities in the USA. We are proud to provide new opportunities to serve our students´ diverse interests.



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