Membership shall be open to all individuals who direct or manage forensic science examinations in an Ohio crime laboratory. A "crime laboratory" is defined as a laboratory, which employs one or more full time scientists, whose principle function is the examination of physical evidence for law enforcement agencies in criminal matters and who provide subsequent testimony. Membership is also open to full time educators directing forensic science degree programs that are approved by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Associate Membership: shall be open to individuals who are currently active for at least one year in a crime laboratory or a forensic science education program.

Student Membership: shall be open to those individuals who are engaged in a course of study or training at a college or university leading to a career in Forensic Science.

Emeritus Membership: shall be open to those selected from the ranks of active members who by reason of retirement or disability can no longer participate fully in the Institute activities.

Honorary Membership: shall be open to those selected as outstanding persons by the Institute. This membership category includes former members who by reason of relocation outside of Ohio are no longer able to attend regular meetings, but are desirous of retaining contact with the Institute.

Membership at any level allows for discounted fees for any seminar sponsored by the organization.

Member: $25
Associate member: $15
Student member: $10
Emeritus & Honorary member: $0

Updated: 03/26/2020 03:48PM