CFFS: Continuing Legal Education Conference

Understanding & Using Forensic Science

& Expert Testimony in the Courtroom

This is a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course for lawyers and judges admitted to the Bar of Ohio. This course is approved for 21 CLE credits through the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Space for this course is limited to the first 24 registrants.

Dates, Time, and Location

May 16 - May 18, 2022. Participant check in starts at 8:00 am on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 133 Life Sciences, Bowling Green State University Campus, Bowling Green, OH 43403.

Course Description

According to the 2009 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report, “lawyers generally lack the scientific expertise necessary to comprehend and evaluate forensic evidence in an informed manner.” (1) Even though this problem has been recognized for over a decade, recent research conducted by Duquesne University found that less than 20% of law schools offer a forensic science elective, many lawyers and judges do not express confidence in their ability to question forensic expert witnesses, and practitioners would find having a working knowledge of forensic science to be a valuable tool. (2) Yet, there is still a general lack of organized training and education in forensics for legal practitioners.

In accordance with its mission to provide training and education to further the practice of forensic science, the Ohio Attorney General’s Center for the Future of Forensic Science (the Center) at Bowling Green State University is in a unique position to help rectify this situation by partnering with various organizations (such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations – BCI, Bowling Green State University – BGSU, area law schools, local courts and judges, forensic practitioners and outside experts, and local businesses) to provide forensic science training for legal practitioners.

The goal of this training is to provide fundamental and relevant information designed to assist attorneys new to investigating, managing, and presenting cases with forensic evidence. The agenda for this 3-Day event includes presentations: by legal scholars on caselaw surrounding forensic evidence; on the 2009 NAS and 2016 President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) reports and how they relate to accreditation and the newly emerging Organization for Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) standards; from forensic experts on a variety of topics such as trace evidence, fingerprints, bloodstain pattern analysis, synthetic opioids, and DNA; panel discussions; tours of a functioning crime laboratory; active learning and hands-on laboratory demonstrations; and the training will culminate in a moot court exercise where participants are provided with a mock casefile and question experts in a courtroom setting.

Detailed Agenda with Abstracts and Faculty Bios

Materials will be provided during the training. Participants will receive a thumb drive with materials. Materials in written format can be provided in advance if requested. Please contact Christina Guinsler at

[1] Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward. National Academy of Sciences. (2009)
2 Reidenbaugh, H.; Ferrara, L.; Marshall, P.; Wagner, BJ. The Disconnect Between Forensic Science and the Lawyers and Judges Who Represent It. Forensic Science & Law Program, Duquesne University. (2020) Graduate Student Research Symposium, Duquesne Scholarship Collection.

Registration Website & Deadline

Registration closes on May 6, 2022 at midnight.

Registration can be made through the event registration system. Food options and allergies can be noted during registration. Parking accommodations are also available through registration system.

Registration for the CLE is $210.00 Payment will be made through the event registration system

NOTE: Participants acknowledge and agree to attending the full length of the CLE (3 days) when registering for this event. Enrollment is not for partial participation.


If you cannot attend the course, please cancel by 11:59 pm, May 5, 2022. No tuition refunds will be issued after this time. To cancel your registration, please call 419-372-7941 or email Teri Gentry (


Participants will be asked to evaluate the CLE after the course offering.  

Hotel Accommodations

Accommodations can be made directly with Hampton located at 142 Campbell Hill Road Bowling Green, OH 43402. Phone: 419-353-3464. There is a group rate for participants of $85.00+ tax per night. The deadline for the group rate is April 8, 2022.   Center Of Forensics Science (       Please utilize the link or call the hotel  and mention the Center for the Future of Forensic Science event to receive the group rate.   

Dress Code

Dress for this CLE is business casual.


Please visit BGSU's COVID page for policies currently in place on campus regarding COVID safety and protocols. BGSU COVID WEBSITE


Please call 419-372-0224 or email if you have questions pertaining to the CLE course.

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