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Message from the Director of the Center for the Future of Forensic Science

I am happy to welcome and introduce you to the Ohio Attorney General’s Center for the Future of Forensic Science at Bowling Green State University. I was recently appointed as the new Director when the founding Director, Jon E. Sprague, took on new responsibilities within the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. I strive to maintain the level of integrity and the vision Dr. Sprague had when fostering this new partnership between the Attorney General’s Office and Bowling Green State University.

The Center has two major goals: 1) establish scholarly research to advance forensic science knowledge and 2) provide a world-class education that trains the next generation of forensic scientists. Since the Center’s inception in 2014, the Center faculty have published 26 peer-reviewed manuscripts and provided over 100 external academic presentations.

Academically, the Center has graduated three cohorts of students from our new Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science (BSFS) and Master’s in Forensic Science (MSFS) degree programs. The vast majority of our undergraduate students have found a home in graduate school at BGSU and elsewhere. Our Master’s students have gone on to careers in the science world, both in forensic and non-forensic laboratories. I believe this speaks to the solid, broad background in science courses that are requirements of the BSFS and MSFS degree programs.

The partnership between the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and Bowling Green State University is mutually beneficial. The research performed for BCI is advancing the forensic sciences while the instruction that BGSU students receive from BCI scientists and crime scene agents is unparalleled. If you would like more information about our programs, please reach out to us in our newly renovated offices and classroom in the Life Sciences Building on the campus of BGSU or via email at bci@bgsu.edu.


Travis J. Worst, PhD

Director and Associate Teaching Professor

The Center for the Future of Forensic Science at Bowling Green State University


Updated: 09/27/2023 04:07PM