BGSU | Print | Copy | Mail

BGSU|Print|Copy|Mail provides high-quality digital color printing, black and white and color copying services, document scan to disk, lamination, stamps and other services. BGSU|Print|Copy|Mail also offers professional bookbinding with a wide variety of cover colors to choose from. Stop in and view our samples.

Mail Services:

Retail Services:

  • Stamp sales
  • Envelopes
  • Priority and express mail boxes

Printing Services:

  • Digital color printing
  • Black & white copies
  • Color copies
  • Document scan to email
  • Lamination
  • Large Format Printing (Posters)
  • Professional bookbinding
  • To order prints online, simply email with your request.

Payment Options:

  • Postage: cash or check
  • All other services: cash, check, credit/debit, BG1, departmental charge


Updated: 05/12/2022 01:41PM