Diversity Statement Rubric

At Bowling Green State University, we are looking to hire individuals who support the University’s mission and values. We are looking for applicants who can help us enhance our community of inclusion and belonging which includes respect for others and an openness to differing perspectives and identities. You should not score someone poorly because you do not share their perspective. Just as teaching and research are tenets of our community, diversity and belonging are equally important to the success of our community and its members.

Diversity Statement in Hiring for Faculty and Staff

The work of our faculty and staff is at the core of our educational mission and positions Bowling Green State University to create public good to serve Ohio and beyond. The University remains focused on its commitment to elevating our diversity and belonging efforts so each student, faculty and staff member belongs and is enriched by an inclusive community. We must continue to power the public good through our people, and we are pleased to share an update in our hiring processes to have a more meaningful impact at BGSU.

Diversity and inclusion immeasurably enrich all that we do to engage, understand and respect individuals. As such, applicants for faculty and staff positions must not just understand our ongoing commitment to diversity and belonging, but be actively willing to contribute. On May 1, we are launching a yearlong pilot for faculty and staff hiring. We will require a diversity statement from faculty and staff candidates in our hiring process by providing a question that will encourage job applicants to address how they can contribute to a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging within our learning community. Those involved in these pilots for our searches will provide formal feedback.

  • There are five diversity and inclusion-related questions that search committees will be asked to review to determine the most applicable question to select as the diversity statement prompt for candidates to answer with respect to the open position. Each search will include only one question in the job advertisement. 
  • Applicants will upload their diversity statement into HireTouch with all other required application documents. Applicants who fail to submit this statement by the application deadline will have an incomplete application and will automatically be removed from consideration. 
  • The search committee will be expected to review the diversity statements for all applicants and use the provided rubric for assessing candidate contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion. This rubric is designed to help capture past contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion efforts as well as capture potential for future contributions. 
  • The chair of a search needs to ensure that the “Request to Interview Memo” addresses the strengths or weaknesses of the diversity statement of each applicant they wish to interview. The memo will be reviewed by a representative from the Division of Diversity and Belonging for faculty and staff searches. In the case of faculty searches, the “Request to Interview Memo” is routed to the Provost and then to Human Resources for final approval. In the case of staff searches, the “Request to Interview Memo” is routed to Human Resources for final approval. Additionally, the diversity statement must also be addressed in the “Hiring Rationale Memo.” Departments should have a sense of what is necessary in their areas based on Equal Employment Opportunity plans.
  • Any faculty or administrative staff job ads that do not include the diversity statement question will be rejected until a question is selected. The diversity statement is optional for classified staff position searches, to be determined by the decisional authority for each area.

An applicant's diversity statement will be a key component in addressing our University's Diversity and Belonging Comprehensive Strategy and Plan as the inclusion of these statements within searches and hiring determinations will help us to identify candidates who can bring professional skills, offer diverse perspective in future research and teaching, and have a willingness to engage in activities and initiatives that can help in the transformation of our diversity and belonging efforts.

During this pilot, we absolutely welcome feedback. In addition, a new search committee training has been developed and is encouraged for anyone chairing or serving on a search. This training will include our work on diversity statements. If you have questions or feedback, or if you would like to schedule training for your search committee, please email diversity@bgsu.edu. The result of this pilot is to move us toward a goal that any hiring pool that does not include diverse finalists will either require an extension or cancellation of the search. Our commitment to diversity and belonging is too critical to not try a different approach with the hopes of improving outcomes and goals that we have not been able to achieve to date. This is another stake in the ground about diversity and belonging, and this will help us move our community forward.


Rodney K. Rogers, Ph.D.

Jennifer Q. McCary, CDP
Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer
Division of Diversity and Belonging

Joe B. Whitehead Jr., Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Viva McCarver
Chief Human Resources Officer
Office of Human Resources