The Division of Diversity and Belonging offers workshops and presentations focused on fostering an inclusive environment that promotes and nurtures diversity, empowers and supports people, and builds up a community where all are welcomed, valued, and affirmed.

These sessions, listed below, are available upon request to the BGSU community.  

Implicit Bias

Sessions educate participants on the ways unconscious stereotypes and attitudes impact our understanding, actions, and decisions.


Sessions focus on gender identity, issues of gender oppression, and resources for people of all genders committed to gender equity.

Cultural Competence:

Sessions help participants to effectively participate in diverse societies and to realize a commitment to social justice. Participants learn about the knowledge, awareness, and skills that contribute to cultural competence and reflect on ways to apply cultural competence.

Bystander Intervention

Sessions educate participants on practical skills for addressing various forms of injustice (e.g. micro aggressions, power-based personal violence, etc.). Participants learn to apply the steps of bystander intervention. These trainings can be adjusted based on the request.

Race and Ethnicity

Sessions focus on identity development, intersectionality, cultural competence, racism, oppression, power and privilege, and micro aggressions. The workshops resources and support are available to students, faculty, and staff, with particular emphasis on people of color.


Sessions educate participants on the experiences and challenges of first-generation students in higher education.


Sessions focus on identity development and creating a culture of inclusion and support for the LGBTQ+ community at BGSU.

Search Committee

Training focuses on building inclusive searches. This session should be taken by anyone chairing a search or serving on a search committee. This session is virtual and can be recorded and shared within departments. 

Cultivating Belonging

Workshop focuses on faculty and staff positionality,  multicultural competence, hot topics, and course design. This session is facilitated by DB staff and offered through the Center for Faculty Excellence. 

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