Referrals and Requesting Services

In recent years, the Counseling Center has been receiving increasing numbers of requests for counseling, emergency intervention, consultation, training, and workshop facilitation. In an attempt to respond to such requests in a timely manner, we are offering the following suggested guidelines for utilizing our Center's services and resources. 

Referring Students for Counseling

Any student who is enrolled at BGSU is eligible to receive our services. On-going counseling is by appointment only.  However, initial appointments/consultations can occur during our office hours or be scheduled, depending on the availability of the student.  

In referring a student to our Center, please take the following steps:

  • Invite the student to call 419-372-2081 during our office hours for an initial consultation. 
  • Consult with our staff when you think the student's circumstances may require an immediate (emergency) appointment. We will assist you in determining whether emergency intervention is warranted and talk with you about the specific arrangements that need to be made.
    (For further information, see "Emergency Sessions" below.)
  • Assure the student that our counselors are competent, well-trained individuals.
  • Let the student know that he or she may request to see a male or female counselor.
  • If you choose to provide the student with the specific names of counselors (to personalize your referral), please do not offer the student any guarantees about whom he or she will see. Let the student know that that particular staff person may not be available for either the initial session or for ongoing counseling.
  • Inform the student that ongoing counseling (if offered) may be provided by a different person than the initial intake counselor. Additionally, let the student know that there may be a delay between the intake session and the start of ongoing counseling.
  • Let the student know that our Center frequently offers group therapy, which may be more effective than individual counseling in addressing his or her concerns.
  • You may find it helpful to provide the student with a copy of our Center's informational brochure, to talk about the confidentiality of our services, and to discuss the range of services available (e.g., to mention that we offer group therapy and workshops as well as individual counseling).

Emergency Sessions

During regular office hours, students in crisis may be seen the same day in an "emergency session." If you are confronted with a student in crisis and wish to refer him or her for counseling, please call our office prior to the student's contacting us, to provide us with some background information. We will gladly consult with you about how to make the referral and discuss whether immediate intervention is necessary. Additionally, whenever possible, inform the student in crisis that you are sharing information with us. If emergency situations should arise outside of office hours, students may be referred to the Wood County Crisis Line (419-502-4673).

Seeking Professional Consultation with Our Staff

Although our office provides counseling services only to BGSU students, we are available to consult with staff about concerns that may arise-particularly concerns that pertain to the welfare of students. Staff members are invited to call our Center and request consultation with one of our professional staff. However, unless the matter is of an urgent nature, staff may not always be available for immediate consultation. If no one is available to provide consultation at the time of your call, you will be invited to leave a message with our secretary or on our confidential voice mail system. When leaving a message, please include the following information:

  • Your name, position and office
  • How you can be reached
  • Times that you will be available
  • The general nature of your request

Our staff will strive to return all such calls in a timely manner-generally within one to two days. (If the situation requires immediate attention, please state this in your message.)

Updated: 09/29/2021 10:47AM