How to Get Started/Connected with Mental Health Services

Students can face a whole spectrum of mental health issues and concerns throughout their college years.  These can range from general stress, worries, or questions about services if you/they have never engaged in mental health services to needing crisis support and everything in between.  This page is intended to help students or individuals who may be helping students connect to mental health resources on or around BGSU's campus.  

This is a crisis/emergency

Crisis includes:

  • I am concerned about my ability to keep myself safe
  • I have a current plan to attempt suicide
  • I have taken recent steps to end my life
  • I may physically hurt someone else
  • I have a strong desire to harm someone else
  • Someone else is concerned about my ability to keep myself safe
  • I have recently been physically or sexually assaulted
  • I have just received traumatic news (examples: someone close to me has died or received a serious diagnosis, my home or community has had a disaster)
  • I am hearing voices or seeing things other people do not
  • I am concerned about someone else’s safety

Updated: 06/12/2024 01:50PM