Middle/High Schools

The success of our students and the CCP program would not be possible without the help and support of the local junior high and high schools. 

On-Campus/OnlineDual-Enrollment Option 1Dual-Enrollment Option 2
For students enrolled in college class(es) on the BGSU campus or enrolled in on-line/web-based classesHigh School teacher meets BGSU adjunct qualifications and teaches the course on the high school campus with oversight and mentoring provided by at BGSU faculty member.High school teacher does not meet adjunct qualifications, but is enrolled in a graduate degree/certificate program and BGSU faculty co-teaches via BGSU faculty recommended method of course delivery
$150 per credit hour+ Textbook costs$40 per credit hour+ Textbook costs$80 per credit hour+ Textbook costs

Secondary (high school/district) schools are responsible for providing instructional tools ("books") for their CCP students.

The postsecondary institution must waive fees for these students and is also responsible for providing supplemental supplies required by the course syllabus.

A school district or nonpublic school may seek reimbursement from students/families under the following two circumstances:
1) If the student receives a failing grade at the end of the college course; or
2) If the student withdraws from or drops the college course subsequent to the 14th calendar day after the particular course began, unless the student is identified as being economically disadvantaged in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3333‐1‐65.6(B)(2).

Book Information for Students

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Professional Development Opportunities

  • BGSU believes in on-going support for high school instructors as they work 
  • TeachBG is BGSU’s annual professional development event for CCP instructors
  • At TeachBG, CCP instructors receive targeted training and proactive mentoring in order to help set them and their students up for success in CCP classes
  • CCP instructors have access to BGSU’s Center for Faculty Excellence for on-going support and professional development 

Partnership Benefits

  • Bring your College Credit Plus students to BGSU for a collegiate experience
  • Customizable campus visits with opportunities for library workshops, campus tours, laboratory activities, class sit-ins, and more
  • BGSU provides travel reimbursement and free lunch for your CCP class
  • All BGSU campus events and activities are open to CCP instructors and their students

Faculty Mentoring for College Credit Plus Instructors

  • All College Credit Plus instructors are mentored by a BGSU faculty member
  • BGSU’s Faculty Mentoring program ensures that high school teachers have the resources and professional support to thrive as CCP instructors
  • Faculty Mentors collaborate proactively with CCP instructors to help them feel confident in delivering CCP classes
  • Faculty Mentors help to ensure the college-level equivalency and rigor of CCP classes offered in the high school setting

Timeline/Steps to becoming a Partner:

  • Interested teachers complete application and submit an updated copy of their resume with three letters of reference by November 30.
  • High School sends completed materials (listed above) with copies of the unofficial undergraduate and graduate college transcripts to David Janik, djanik@bgsu.edu.
  • Screening and credential review process will occur at BGSU throughout the month of December.
  • Option rating assignments are completed and shared with high school superintendent/principal by early January.
  • Memorandum of Understanding is completed with the school district providing details, such as cost per course and textbook arrangements mid to late January.
  • Courses are added to BGSU Fall 2016 schedule of classes by mid to late February.
  • BGSU faculty mentor match-up is completed by mid to late March.
  • High school instructors approved to teach will bring their official college transcripts to Professional Development Day.
  • A professional development activity for high school teachers and BGSU mentors will be completed by early May.
  • High school instructors complete course syllabus throughout the summer, delivering final version to their BGSU mentor in a timely manner for approval.
  • Communication plans between high school instructors and BGSU faculty mentors will be completed by mid to late August. 

High School Teachers Seeking College Credit Plus (CCP) Credentialing  Click Here

David Janik

Director, Pre-College Programs

Please contact David Janik to learn more about becoming a partner with BGSU's College Credit Plus program.