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CCP Admission Application Deadlines

Summer: April 15th
Fall: May 15th
Spring: November 15th

When completing the free application, choose 1 of 3 options: 


Students intending to enroll in a course offered on BGSU's main campus or online will select: "I plan to take BGSU classes on campus or online at BGSU."

**If you also plan to enroll in BGSU classes at your HS you will choose this option.

The College Credit Plus - On-Campus Option provides qualified high school students (9th - 12th grades recommended) the opportunity to strengthen and enrich their educational experience through enrollment in college courses. Students who participate in College Credit Plus - On-Campus Option receive college credit that may also fulfill high school graduation requirements, if approved by the student’s home school district.

To ensure maximum benefit to a student, a close working relationship is necessary among the student’s local school district, parents or guardians, and BGSU. It is the responsibility of all involved parties to maintain clear and continuous communication to guarantee that a student receives the greatest possible benefit from participation in the College Credit Plus - On-Campus Option.


Students intending to take a BGSU class at their high school ONLY will select: "I plan to take BGSU classes at my high school.

**If you also plan to enroll in BGSU classes on-campus or online, do not select this option.

High school students who qualify for College Credit Plus Dual Enrollment have the opportunity to challenge themselves with college courses and remain on their high school campus. Students may also take advantage of services at BGSU such as career counseling, college degree advising, and tutoring at no extra cost.

Available classes will depend on teacher qualifications and availability of college mentors that are paired up with the high school teacher. Only 1000 and 2000 level BG courses are eligible for consideration as part of the high school Dual Enrollment program option. Courses will follow BGSU academic calendar.


Students enrolled at a Private or Non-Public school should select the Self-Pay option. Once award letters from the state are received, the student's application will be updated by BGSU.

If a student plans to enroll in courses through BGSU and pay tuition, please select: "I plan to take BGSU classes and will be paying for them myself."

Self-Pay students may enroll in classes providing they have the prerequisite knowledge and skill, and space is available. Many students enroll in courses in English Composition, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, and other liberal arts classes such as History and Philosophy.