Text Component

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Paragraph content

Download Component

Image Component

Picture is nice
Here is a longer description to describe the photo, so that users with vision impairments can enjoy the photo as well.

Video Component

Title of video

Column Component

Column 1

Column 2

Background Area Component

BGSU Orange RGBA Color 244,121,51,1.0

BGSU Tan RGBA Color 245,231,216,1.0

BGSU Brown RGBA Color 79,44,29,1.0

Accordion Component

Accordion container

This text displays when you click accordion tab 1

Callout Box Component

Callout Title

Callout Title

This is a callout box to callout important content.
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Connect Tab Header alert

The connect tab header allows you to add a header and choose from a list of icons to display next to it


Data Tables

a table of data that can be searched, sorted and has pagination

Table Header
InformationTest Data

Dropdown Widget

Event list

Facebook BGSU Activity Feed

Displays the activity feed from the BGSU Facebook page

Facebook Custom Activity Feed

Displays the activity feed from any Facebook Page.

Info Paragraph Component

Title of info paragraph

This is a paragraph of information.
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Info Box Component

Title of info box


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Learn More Box

Learn More Box Title



Can pull children pages, or pages based on tags. Useful for displaying news/stories

Social Sharing

Text Centered Widget

Tab Component

Tab 1 content area

Tab 2 content area


Two Button Box Details


Staff Component

No photo available

John Doe

Position: Director of directing
Phone: 419-352-0000

This is the biography area for this staff member.

No photo available

Jane Doe

Position: Assistant director of directing
Phone: 419-352-0000

This is Jane Doe's biography area.

Photo Gallery


Configure audio Player Component


You can use this component to pull in an RSS feed, see below.

Tool list

To the right of this paragraph is the tool list component.

BGSU News Slideshow