CMS Training

Steps to be granted access to edit BGSU webpages:

This page will help guide you through training for the Adobe Content Management System (CMS) used at BGSU.  If you are looking for training, we offer both in person training and online resources. Effective October 2018, to obtain access to the system, you need to attend the in person course “Adobe CMS Training” AND take a federally mandated web accessibility training.

1. Sign up and attend an in-person Adobe CMS training course

To sign up for a training, follow the "Sign up for Adobe CMS Training" link below. Login with your BGSU credentials, select one of the listed classes along the left-hand side of the page and then register for class.

Adobe CMS Training
  • This course offers an introduction to the system.
  • Page creation and management.
  • Editing and adding content within a page.
  • Uploading and managing files to the Digital Asset Management system.

2. Take a federally mandated web accessibility course

Due to the improved federal web accessibility policies, BGSU is committed to ensuring that our website is accessilble for all people. A link to this online course will be emailed to users after they have attended the in-person CMS training.

Web Accessibility Training
  • Introduction to web accessibility
  • Learn BGSU's updated web accessibility policy
  • Improve document structure, alternative text, hyperlinks
  • Make video, audio, and non-html files accessible

Additional CMS Training

Any advanced training required is handled on a request-by-request basis. We can offer the following advanced training options:

  • Bomgar remote training session - we can guide you through the areas you need training with while viewing your monitor and talking via phone.
  • WebEx session - Allows sharing of screens and chat, but not the ability to "take-over" your machine to assist or highlight various items.

*For more information, or to schedule an advanced training appointment use our "Web Questions/Concerns" form - please state the areas you need assistance with or the components you would like to learn.

Online Resources

To access the online resources for the Adobe CMS, use the links on the left navigation. These links include:

  • The documentation provides a step-by-step guide to our basic training. We will continue to add additional documentation that is needed.
  • This page contains a demo of all current components.
  • These demos are extremely useful for getting a feel for what options are available.
  • This page contains the definitions of many of the more complex terms within the system.
Video Training
  • This page contains video recaps of the major topics covered in the in-person trainings.


We've developed a bookmarklet that allows you to jump from a BGSU webpage directly to the AEM Edit page.  Simply drag-and-drop the link below to your bookmarks toolbar, then when you are on a BGSU webpage, click the bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar and once you log-in you'll be sent directly to the AEM Edit window for the page you were on.

The Edit bookmarklet can be used when on a live page. When used it will take you into the AEM version of that page and allow you to make quick edits on the fly.

The Toggle bookmarklet can be used while editing a page. It switches back and forth between the page editor and a "advanced preview" mode that gives you the most accurate preview of what your page will look like once activated.

The Live Asset bookmarklet allows you to open up any asset in the DAM in it's properties view and then press the bookmarklet to take you to the live production URL of that asset. This comes in handy when you need to get the full URL of an asset in the DAM for use in email marketing campaigns.