Friday Night Lights

About FNL

Join the student-led initiative every Friday night at 6:30 PM on the second floor of the Student Union (outside the theater) and turn off lights in academic buildings with your friends!

  • Volunteers are split into groups of 4-6 students;
  • Each group is assigned to one or two buildings to visit and turn off lights;
  • The groups record the lights they turn off and the savings are calculated!

Looking for Service Credit?
Volunteers can obtain service credit for classes, organizations, or Greek life - just ask for a volunteer verification form when you volunteer!

Fall 2022 Results

10 weeks

$2,824.01 saved

Savings for the University

  • From 2010-2011, $25,000 was saved
  • From 2011-2012, $17,000 was saved
  • From 2012-2013, $10,500 was saved
  • From 2013-2014, $11,000 was saved
  • From 2014-2015, $14,000 was saved
  • From 2016-2017, $15,248 was saved 
  • From 2017-2018, $12,502 was saved
  • From 2018-2019, $14,383 was saved
  • From 2021-2022, $10,262 was saved
  • Total savings are $129,895 was saved!

History of the Program

Friday Night Lights was created in 2010 to help reduce energy usage while raising awareness to change the BGSU culture. Our program has evolved into an iconic movement that BGSU students have a passion and dedication for energy savings. Our presence on campus has made faculty, staff, and students aware of the impact they have on the environment and the benefit that can come from flipping off the light switch when they leave their classroom, office, or hallway.

Over the years, BGSU has installed motion detectors into almost every building on campus - drastically reducing energy usage in vacant spaces. Additionally, faculty, staff, and students have taken a greater role in manually turning off lights when leaving a space.

The volunteer base has grown to encompass a wide variety of BGSU students from classes to student organizations, from residence halls to Greek life, from groups of friends to dedicated individuals - Friday Night Lights has seen it all. The pandemic prevented Friday Night Lights from taking place, but now that BGSU is back to full capacity, anyone can come join the movement, make a difference, and have fun!

Updated: 11/22/2022 09:11AM