Student Green Initiatives Fund

The Student Green Initiatives Fund is a pool of money that is available to fund projects that further environmental sustainability on campus. To view the map with our featured green projects, please click here.

It is funded by an opt-out $5.00 per semester fee and is only accessible to current undergraduate and graduate students.

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Green Fund FAQ

Any current BGSU undergraduate student, graduate student, or groups thereof from main campus may apply for funding from the Student Green Initiative Fund.

In order to receive funding from the Green Fund, a project proposal needs to convey how it will make BGSU a more environmentally sustainable institution. All projects must fall into at least one of the three following categories from our University Sustainability Strategy: Emissions Reduction, Waste Reduction & Resource Conservation, and Education, Outreach, & Awareness. See the featured Green Fund projects below.

There is no real limit to the amount you can request, but you should consider that multiple applications for funds will likely be received, and the selection committee will endeavor to fund as many reasonable requests as possible. The amount of funds requested will not result in its outright rejection, as some partial funding decisions may be made by the selection committee.

The application can be completed and submitted online here.

All project applications must be submitted at least three weeks before the date of required funding. The Green Fund Committee meets biweekly and a committee member will be in contact with the projects' authors within 2-3 weeks of submission.

The Student Green Initiatives Fund Committee is charged with the responsibility of distributing funds. This group is made up of faculty, staff, and students from across the University.

The membership of the group includes the following:

  • Three undergraduate students
    • One student from the Undergraduate Student Government
    • Three students approved by the Department of the Environment and Sustainability
  • One graduate student
    • Member of the Graduate Student Senate
  • One staff member
    • Appointed by the President of Bowling Green State University
  • One faculty member
    • Member of the Faculty Senate appointed by the Chair of Faculty Senate

The Student Green Fee Group will have the following responsibilities:

  • Review proposals and make selections for funding on the basis of a project’s feasibility, its potential for positive impact on the environment, and its ability to be funded.
  • Assure that all accepted proposals will directly and positive affect the campus.
  • Follow up after funds are allocated to be sure such funds are being used appropriately.

Featured Green Fund Projects

Below are examples of successful projects categorized according to their alignment with the Sustainability Strategy.

If you have any additional questions about the Student Green Initiatives Fund, please contact us

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