Oaks Dining Center

The Oaks Dining Center is ranked by U.S. Green Building Council as LEED Gold Certified!

oaks outdoor image

The Oaks Dining Center received the LEED Gold certification with 61/110 points! These points are earned by incorporating sustainable features during the design and construction process. Below is an overview of the scoring through LEED certification.

Special features

  • Green Roof with herbs, live roof panel system, and storm water reclamation system
  • Kiosk explaining green designs
  • Employee shower facilities
  • Bike racks, etc. to promote commuter alternatives


  • Glass exposures for natural light
  • Thermal comfort design


  • Site preparation used demolished building recycled materials for fill
  • Construction waste recycled at 75%
  • Materials used are low emitting – sealants, adhesives, paints and Floorings
  • All materials used were purchased within a 500 mile radius.
  • Recycled materials used
    • Materials used are 20% recycled.
    • Flooring materials are recycled products
    • Bamboo flooring – renewable resource
    • Ohio barn wood utilized in flooring, millwork, and wall treatments


  • Enhanced refrigeration equipment
  • Alternative transportation for fuel-efficient delivery vehicle
  • Water conservation
    • Water reduction of 35%
    • Storm water reclamation for gray water use in restroom fixtures
    • Storm water reclamation for all landscape irrigation
  • Pulper for garbage processing
  • Trayless dining to save on waste

Updated: 12/08/2023 02:32PM