University Hall

Below are some of the unique characteristics that make University Hall more environmentally-friendly in its operation!

Sustainable features include: 

  • New windows throughout the entire building, reminiscent of the grand divided lights of the original building, help incorporate the strategic integration of natural light sources and enhance views for occupants.
  • Efficient LED light fixtures, reduced potable water plumbing fixtures, and commitment to provide at least 35% of the building’s electricity from renewable sources.
  • Low emitting materials along with enhanced commissioning efforts will serve to better the indoor environment for the daily users of the project as well as it many visitors.
  • When reducing the physical footprint of the building and restoring back valuable green space, over 90% of the materials removed were diverted from landfill.
  • Structural materials of the existing building that were removed in order to lay in the new program of the building were also reincorporated into the new structure of the building.
  • Promotion of alternative transportation by committing to provide dedicated parking to low-emitting vehicles and increasing bicycle storage near the site.

Updated: 02/04/2021 12:04PM