Winter 2017 Newsletter

A Sustainability Week Success

    October was nationally recognized as Sustainability Month, by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). To celebrate, BGSU dedicated the week of October 23rd as Sustainability Week. Events included Dr. Karen Root’s fascinating lecture on biodiversity of the Oak Openings in Northwest Ohio. Additionally, a film screening of “We the People 2.0,” hosted by the Environmental Action Group took place. The film focused on pollution, the fossil fuel industry and the legal obstacles that local residents face when trying to combat harmful special interests. Students visited the Green Roof at the Oaks Dining Facility and learned about the sustainable features of the roof such as energy efficiency measures, diverse vegetation and recycled building materials. A tree planting at week’s end allowed for volunteers to plant three Colorado Spruces behind the Student Union to help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and improve the nearby soil, and a tour of Ohio’s largest solar field to educate interested participants on the efficiency of renewable energy and its economic benefits to Bowling Green.

Karen Root
green game day

Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel Cline

    We have had many volunteers over the years, but there are a select few who stand out through their exceptional commitment to sustainability. Daniel Cline is a junior at BGSU, majoring in Geology with a specialization in Paleobiology. He frequently volunteers for both Friday Night Lights and Green Game Day events. Daniel enjoys volunteering for Green Game Day because it, “not only helps to divert large quantities of recyclable materials from landfills but also helps to engage the community on the importance of recycling and sustainability.” Daniel is known for staying after the last volunteer shift and helping with the remaining tasks. When asked about what originally attracted him to volunteer for the Office of Campus Sustainability, “I’ve always cared about the environment so when I learned about the Office of Campus Sustainability, I was immediately drawn to it. I wanted to try and help make a positive impact on the world, no matter how small.” His advice is, “Don’t hesitate to volunteer! The events are fun, provide service hours and you might make some new friends.” Daniel is one of many volunteers that is continuing to encourage a sustainable culture at BGSU.

Avoiding Contamination When Recycling

            Recycling at BGSU is a great way to make a sustainable impact on campus, but some items cannot be recycled. Before recycling, make sure that the item is recyclable and that it does not contaminate the rest of the bin. Plastic bags can be disposed of only in the specially labeled containers found in the Student Union and Falcon Heights lobbies. One exception to the plastic bag rule is that if you wish to recycle shredded paper, it must be placed in a clear plastic bag. More common items that cannot be recycled are straws, Styrofoam, paper towels, tissues, food and food containers. Coffee cups are also a source of contamination and only the clear plastic drinking cups can be recycled.  Cardboard is recyclable; however, be sure to place any cardboard in the large orange dumpsters marked “cardboard only.” For additional information on recycling and how to avoid contamination, visit our website. With your help, we can continue to reduce waste and encourage sustainability at BGSU.


Click above to watch a fun, informational video about recycling!


RecycleMania 2018

    This February, BGSU will be amongst more than 200 colleges and universities across the nation competing in Recyclemania! This is a fun way to educate our students and benchmark the university’s progress towards recycling and waste reduction efforts. The residence halls across campus will compete by recycling to determine the Waste Reduction Champions of BGSU!

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