Kathleen Pahl


Kathleen Pahl

Conti/nuous Line



Artist's Statement

My journey started with the tragedy of loss and the sequence of events that came thereafter. The trajectory branching into a million different directions, because although two points may create a line, a point may also contain multiple lines overlapping and entangling in moments, at times alone, at times connected, forming worlds within worlds. I am completely enthralled by the way in which a canvas can be one point of many points; how one world can possess so many worlds within itself. 

I have become fascinated with lines as a mark making tool, but also as an ancestral form, a form that conceptually connects people to space and time. For me they have come to represent not only the passage of time but also the transformation of our lives in direct consequence to events within and outside our control. I view these lines as beings travelling through the course of existence, changing course, moving throughout the piece, occupying space. 

Within the picture plane, I create worlds by invoking communication between organic forms, line, and color. It has become a pivotal part of the process to expose these little metaphorical worlds within the larger all-encompassing world, mimicking events stacked atop or beside each other, in concert with the medium as it adjusts to the consequence of action. The choices in process are both deliberate by hand, yet also chaotic and random by action. Balance teeters with each added mark, but it inevitably settles into its natural pattern. The tone of the canvas becomes a symbolic stage emulating the cycle of birth, life and death. It shows our world contained within the realm of our perception of reality, and beyond that, the mystery of the unknown.

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