Joshua Alahira


Joshua Alahira

Synanthropic Habitat

image of house with text "Synanthropic Habitat," "Joshua Alahira" over it
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Artist's Statement

We live in a beautiful world where human impact is a constant threat to our environment. My love for nature has spurred me to create works about the environment and environmental issues, such as waste disposal, air, water pollution, global warming, and climate change, to preserve, conserve, and protect the natural and human-made environment.

Most of our activities cause the extinction of insects by driving habitat loss, degradation,

and the use of polluting and harmful substances, which leads to the overexploitation and co-extinction of species.

My Artwork for this show propose scenarios in a virtual environment where humans and animals coexist closely together. These Synanthropic Habitats suggest a shared design scenario where a symbiotic relationship exists between both humans and animals. An example would be a monarch sanctuary, which aims to increase the city's monarch's presence. The structure includes weaving butterfly conservation strategies into its design by integrating monarch habitat in its facades and roof, which creates a biome of coexistence for people, plants, and butterflies.

My goal is to go even beyond this proposal and suggest ideas to make architecture less environmentally destructive and more proactive towards animal habitat. It helps individuals reach and actualize the full potential of their environment, making it both functional and experiential. I hope this project opens up views and questions of our current realities and those if the future, asking how people can do more for the environment and animals and how the environment can, in turn, do more to help people.

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