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Jeffrey Eden




Artist's Statement

New Romanticism encapsulates the ominous, mysterious, and the yearning for intimacy or security. It can also be seen as the search for escapism amidst tumultuous sociopolitical strife, or even sought as a result of disenfranchisement. It is within this yearning for escapism into a world of beauty and mindfulness that I make my marks. What I offer my viewers is the essence of a moment and they are free to ruminate upon it as they need or wish. I believe that a world without dogmas, stigmas, politics, religion, indeed, one in which nature is allowed to flourish in all its splendor, would be a preferable world, and it is a window into this kind of world that I provide through mindful practice with ink, brush, and paint. I cannot solve the ills of the world, but what I can offer is a calling to set aside the time to simply be. I challenge all of my viewers to take the time to fully appreciate the beautiful compositions given us by nature and to walk with reverence when next they pass one of my friends along the trail.

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