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The Stanton Audio Recording Studio is housed within the Michael and Sara Kuhlin Center on the campus of BGSU and is part of the School of Media and Communication serving as both a classroom suite and professional recording space. Students completing projects for a course may reserve the space for free and will be provided with an intern should they need any assistance. Projects that are not part of a course requirement are also allowed for a standard hourly fee.


The live room, isolation booth, and control room can accommodate a variety of recording projects with an emphasis on audio post production for video. The 500-square-foot Avid S6-equipped control room is also a 15-seat classroom with multiple video displays and a downward facing camera that allows students to observe the primary mixing surface. The 1300-square-foot “live room” allows for 32 individual inputs and also features 6 Foley pits and a large projection screen. The isolation booth contains a control-room-fed display making it ideal for voiceover and ADR

Studio Rules and Policies

  • Client agrees to pay for studio time at the rate in effect at the time of booking. Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum session for first-time booking is one (1) hours.
  • The Audio Studio will provide studio time and the services of a recording engineer for the duration required by the Client. All future studio time will be charged at the rate in effect at the time of the booking. Any additional services, including, but not be limited to, mixing, mastering, creating additional tracks, and adding to or modifying tracks when done outside the studio time agreed to may require additional fees.
  • Client is responsible for all monies due to Audio Studio, and shall make payment in advance to Audio Studio by credit card, or department budget transfer (on campus). Any additional charges incurred must be paid at the completion of the recording session. The Client is responsible for any and all legal costs and attorney's fees required to collect payment for any services rendered.
  • If the Client requires the service of session musicians or backup singers, the client will be responsible for arranging for and paying said musicians or singers. If the Client requests the Audio Studio to arrange for session musicians to be at the recording session, the arrangement will be between the musician and Client. The Audio Studio will not be responsible for the failure of musicians to show up on time nor for the performance of the musicians. The Audio Studio recommends signing a separate agreement with the session musicians or backup singers.
  • In the event of cancellation of a recording session or other scheduled service by Client with less than a 24-hour notice, Client will forfeit the session cost. Session may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Audio Studio.
  • If the Audio Studio must cancel a session due to illness or other reasonable cause, the Audio Studio will reschedule the session for the earliest available time consistent with the needs of the Client. In the event neither the Client nor the Audio Studio can agree upon a date and time for a session, the Audio Studio will refund the payment.
  • Studio time includes setup time, break down time, and any breaks taken by the artist(s) or engineer. The engineer will be allowed a break of up to 15 minutes every 2 hours to alleviate ear fatigue. The engineer will be allowed one 30-minute meal break per session and an additional meal break for sessions lasting longer than eight (8) hours. All such time is on the clock.
  • The Audio Studio shall endeavor to secure all property left on premises by Client, but is not responsible for loss due to theft, fire, or other occurrences beyond its control.
  • The Audio Studio shall not release recording files or copies thereof to the Client or Client’s representative until all monies due to Audio Studio have been paid. If not paid within 30 days, the Client’s recording files left on premises shall become the property of Studio. Upon complete payment of all monies due by Client, the Audio Studio will transfer all recordings and ownership of sound recording copyrights to the Client. All songwriting copyrights will remain with the author of the work.
  • The Audio Studio will endeavor to backup Client’s recording files to another hard drive after each recording session. Onsite hard drive storage of recording files will be maintained for at least one month after the last recording session. After that time, files may be permanently deleted unless other arrangements have been made. Files for ongoing projects booking time on a regular basis will not be deleted.
  • The Audio Studio shall endeavor to secure all recording files made by the Client, and left or stored on the studio premises, but the Audio Studio is not responsible for loss or damage. In the event of loss to or damage of Client’s recording files due to willful negligence, Audio Studio shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the studio time to date devoted to said recording files.
  • Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Audio Studio property incurred by Client, employees of Client, guests of Client, or agents of Client, as a result of misuse, negligence, and or carelessness.
  • Client shall be responsible for obtaining all mechanical licenses for music for which the Client does not own the rights. All such licenses must be obtained prior to duplication or replication. It is advantageous to assign ISRC codes for each recorded track, which should be embedded in the digital media when the master is produced. The client shall be responsible for and shall pay the fees for obtaining such codes.
  • The Client shall abide by the Audio Studio Rules, which are attached to this agreement. Disobedience of these rules by the Client or a guest of the Client will be grounds for removal of said person or persons from the property, immediate termination of this agreement, and loss of future use of the studio. In the event of termination of this agreement due to such causes, there will be no refund of monies paid by the Client. The Audio Studio or its representative will have sole right to make such a determination.
  • The Client releases the Audio Studio from any harm or damage that may occur to any person in the Client’s party or to equipment belonging to the Client.
  • The Client agrees to allow its name, photographic image, and/or musical samples to be used on the Audio Studio’s website and/or for other promotional purposes. The Audio Studio will not sell or allow downloads of the Client’s music without prior agreement.
  • Smoking - No smoking is allowed in the Kuhlin Center. You may smoke outside in designated areas and in accordance with Bowling Green State University smoking and tobacco use policies.
  • Illegal Substances - No illegal substances are allowed on the property. Any Client or guest of the Client found to be intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance or exhibiting any behavior deemed unprofessional by the Studio or its representative will be grounds for removal of said person or persons from the property and immediate termination of this agreement and loss of future use of the studio. In the event of termination of this agreement due to such causes, there will be no refund of monies paid by the Client. The Studio or its representative will make the final judgment in such situations.
  • Food and Drink - Although food and drinks are NOT allowed in the studio, bottle water with a cap is allowed. Any spills that cause damage to the building or equipment will be to be billed to the Client.
  • Trash - Please help us keep the area neat and orderly. Please be mindful of floors. Do not leave trash around the grounds or in the studio. Please clean up any mess that you make. Place all trash inappropriate containers. Place empty water bottles in the recycle bin.
  • Studio Equipment – Do not use equipment belonging to the Studio without prior permission. This includes the Steinway Piano, the Yamaha 5-pc Drum Kit, and the A-Custom Cymbals.
  • Broadcast on WBGU-FM – If the session is being broadcast live on WBGU-FM, the Client will refrain from using inappropriate language as described in FCC guidelines.

Updated: 07/18/2022 10:08PM