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Arts-Based Project Award

Awardee: Briyanna Moore (she/her)  

Project Title: "The Significance of Black Hair" (Visual Essay) 

$100 Award

Pre-recorded Presentation Award

Awardee: Alexis Tremaine (she/her)

Presentation Title: "Becoming One With the Psychology Discourse Community"

$100 Award

Poster Presentation Awards

First Place Awardee: John Jewitt (he/him) 

Project Title: "The Semester of Stress: The Stresses of COVID-19 and BGSU Students"

$60 Award

Second Place Awardee: Madison Bartosch (she/her)

Poster Title: "The Foundations of an Effective Lesson Plan for Young Learners"

$40 Award

Land Acknowledgement

The region in which Bowling Green State University and its campuses are situated inhabit the Great Black Swamp and the Lower Great Lakes region. This land is the homeland of the Wyandot, Kickapoo, Miami, Potawatomi, Odawa, and multiple other Indigenous tribal nations, present and past, who were forcibly removed to and from the area. We recognize these historical and contemporary ties in our efforts toward decolonizing history and thank the Indigenous individuals and communities who have been living and working on this land from time immemorial.

Chair's Address

* Chair's Address Transcript .pdf
Chair's Address Transcript (Download)


Pre-Recorded Presentations

There are two types of pre-recorded presentations.  
5-Minute Pre-Recorded Presentation- Short & informational with key takeaways. Think of a Vox, Buzzfeed, or NowThis style video.
15-Minute Pre-Recorded Presentation- Longer in-depth informational presentation. Think of a TedTalk/ Documentary style video.

"Becoming One With the Psychology Discourse Community"

Pre-recorded 15-Minute Presentation
by Alexis Tremaine (she/her)

For this presentation, I will be discussing why it is important for individuals to be competent in a discourse community. As a psychology major, my focus will be on the psychology discourse community. I examined the importance of the language used within the community, highlighting how it feels to go from an outsider to a member using Perri Klass’s article “Hers: She’s ‘Your Basic L.O.L. in N.A.D.’ the Intern Said.’” I took into account the research done by Pierre Bayman and Richard E. Mayer regarding the language of calculators. A final piece I used comes from discursive psychologist Sally Wiggens, whose essay in Qualitative Research in Psychology discusses the importance of discursive psychology and communicating with others. In my work, I looked into the importance of language. The reason behind that is because each community has specific terminology. That terminology allows individuals to better understand the various concepts within the group. With the knowledge of both the terminology and concepts, members can communicate better with each other and non-members. I hope to teach the audience why gaining an understanding of the language a discourse community uses is crucial to being a member of that community.


My name is Alexis. I am a first-year at Bowling Green State University, majoring in both Criminal Justice and Psychology. Starting college during the Covid-19 pandemic has been rough, but I have found ways to help keep myself grounded the self-care, and spending time with the people I love. When I graduate I plan on pursuing my dream career in forensic psychology and being able to properly communicate my thoughts is a crucial skill needed in that field. That is why I will be sharing the importance of becoming competent in the psychology discourse community.

* Alexis Transcript-UWP_Showcase.txt
Presentation Transcript (Download)

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations communicate a topic using a poster and a brief explanation.

"The Semester of Stress: The Stresses of COVID-19 and BGSU Students"

by John Jewitt (he/him)  

My topic for the Writing Showcase is how students have dealt with classes being online. How have their social lives been affected, how have their grades been affected, and how has their mental health been affected. I became interested in my topic for my proposal for the Writing Showcase because I wanted to know how students here at BGSU were doing with classes being online. I know for myself that I had been struggling this semester. I wanted to know how students here were doing, were their grades better or worse, was it easier or harder for them to make friends, and lastly was their mental health better or worse from not being allowed to have in-person classes and restrictions on many things


My name is John Jewitt and some of my interests and passions are about sports. I love playing sports, watching, and learning more about it. My topic for the Writing Showcase is how students have dealt with classes being online. How have their social lives been affected, how have their grades been affected, and how has their mental health been affected. I became interested in my topic for my proposal for the Writing Showcase because I wanted to know how students here at BGSU were doing with classes being online.

 "The Foundations of an Effective Lesson Plan for Young Learners"

by Madison Bartosch (she/her)

Research on writing in education focuses on specific examples and structure. This idea has led me to ask what the foundation is when it comes to creating lesson plans in early childhood and special education classrooms as well as their visible effectiveness. I answer this question by obtaining lesson plans from topic related teachers along with asking students how having a structured lesson plan has affected their learning outcomes. I found that there are many different ways teachers can go about writing lesson plans, they tend to revolve around the students they are teaching and the way they learn. I chose this topic to create my project on because lesson plans are an important aspect in the classroom in order to keep structure when teaching younger and special needs students. I enjoy knowing the different ways lesson plans can be created along with not only the structural form of them but the creative side as well. I believe that this is an important topic to learn about because every teacher creates lesson plans, meaning that future teachers like myself need a place where they can go and read about different aspects of lesson plans as well as their do’s and don’ts.


My name is Madison Bartosch and I am an inclusive early childhood education major. I really enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family. I have found that some aspects of learning during COVID-19 are easier than others such as online classes, however not having the ability to make as many friends from in person classes has been somewhat of a struggle. After college I hope to work in a low budget school that is in a serious need for a special needs teacher or a teacher for young students. I plan on using writing everyday in my classroom to create lesson plans and help my students expand their creativity through stories. I became interested in lesson plan foundations as my topic because I always wanted to teach young students with special needs and be able to make a difference in the world, doing this research project gives me a leg up and allows me to emerge myself into my future career and will help me plan for my students better in the future.

* Brief Explanation- Madison.docx
Poster Description and Brief Explanation (Download)

Arts-Based Projects

Arts-Based Research "encompasses a range of research approaches and strategies that utilize one or more of the arts in investigation. Such approaches have evolved from understandings that life and experiences of the world are multifaceted, and that art offers ways of knowing the world that involve sensory perceptions and emotion as well as intellectual responses" (Greenwood, 2019).

"The Significance of Black Hair"

Visual Essay
by Briyanna Moore (she/her)   

This video illustrates the significance of hair to the Black community. Within this video, I touch on the history of African American hair, how it has steadily evolved over the years, and how it is perceived by American and international societies. My inspiration for choosing this topic was the various conversations we had and the several works of storytelling we read in my WRIT 1120H course that addressed this topic. The different hairstyles that pertain to my community is also something that has always been innately important to me. Thus my goal for this project was to explore, for myself, the reasons why I and other black people feel a sense of protection of our hair; and put the information that I found in an accessible way for others outside of the black community to be able to learn from.


Hello! My name is Briyanna Moore. Being an advocate for at risk and minority communities is a passion that I have had throughout high school, and has continued to grow throughout my experience so far at BGSU. While being a student during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought it's challenges, it has also brought me many opportunities to develop my interests and participate in many events on campus, such as the Undergraduate Symposium and this Writing Showcase. Writing is something that I love to do in my free time. It serves as a way for me to creatively express myself, and also advocate for the communities I am apart of or an ally for. Thus, after my college experience, I plan on continuing to write for my self-made blog, All Things Briy, about the different lessons I've learned throughout life and to advocate for the things I believe in. My inspiration for choosing to write about the significance of hair to the black community was the various conversations held and several works of storytelling I read within WRIT 1120H Honors Seminar in Research Writing, a course I took in the fall that addressed storytelling and anti-racism.

* Briyanna- Final Research Project Essay (1).pdf
Briyanna's Final Research Project Essay

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