ESOL Faculty to Speak at Major Conference

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Five members of the ESOL faculty will be speaking at the TESOL conference, which will be held from March 12-15 in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about the faculty members' presentations below:

Arts-Based Pedagogy: Linguistics Reimagined
Anastasiia Kryzhanivska
This session demonstrates how visual arts, creative nonfiction, and drama can be used for teacher training (ESOL, English teachers) to make connections between classroom linguistics and real life. Participants discuss the benefits and limitations of arts-based teaching pedagogy, receive four ready-to-go assignments, and examine student samples and reflections.

Presentations at the Electronic Village:

Using Socrative for Paraphrasing Practice in Writing Classes
Fernanda Capraro
This technology fair session will demonstrate how to use Socrative for paraphrasing practice in ESL writing classes. Socrative is a free educational platform that teachers can use to create learning activities. Paraphrasing strategies and examples of paraphrasing activities used in writing classes will be shown.

Providing Multimodal Feedback
Amy Cook
Lucinda Hunter

Many teachers incorporate multimodal assignments, but multimodal feedback is less common. The presenters demonstrate tools to create multimodal feedback, share example feedback on writing and pronunciation assignments, and summarize student response. Challenges and benefits of multimodal feedback are discussed, and participants are encouraged to experiment in their own classes.

Creative Uses of Padlet to Promote Student Learning
Kimberly Spallinger
Anastasiia Kryzhanivska

Padlet is a free online virtual bulletin board that can improve student engagement and academic achievement. In this session, participants will be introduced to several creative Padlet activities that can be used in a variety of ESL classrooms to foster language development, enhance student collaboration, and encourage reflection.

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