Funding for Graduate Study in Creative Writing

To help students achieve their degree goals, graduate assistantships (including stipend and scholarship) are available for all eligible face-to-face students. Presently, newly funded graduate assistants at the master’s level receive:

  • 100% tuition scholarship
  • Waiver of the non-Ohio resident fee for students in the first year (and for the second year for international students)
  • Graduate stipend (the 2020-21 stipend is $11,500)

To be considered for funding, all application materials should be submitted by January 15th.

More Information About Our Scholarship Package:

Our scholarship covers the instructional fees (tuition) for both years in the program, for the fall and spring semesters. Most graduate students in Creative Writing enroll in 12 credit hours per semester during their first year of study, but additional credit hours can be requested if funding is available. Our scholarship package also covers non-resident fees for all students during their first year only. All students from outside of Ohio (except for International students) are expected to apply for Ohio residency before the beginning of their second year of study.

Students are responsible for any other fees and insurance (if required), which vary per student. Please review the Student Insurance Program web site for requirements and details pertaining to insurance.

During the 2019-20 academic year, a typical MFA graduate student at BGSU who enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester, paid approximately the following fees:

Required Fees:

  • First Semester Fees
  • BG1 Card: $25
  • Graduate Admission Fee: $15

Every Semester

  • Registration Fee: $8.00
  • General Fee: $780.00
  • Technology Fee: $117.00
  • Career Service Fee: $27.00
  • Facility Fee: $45.00
  • Counseling Center Fee: $8.00
  • Graduate Services Fee: $144.00

Optional Fees:

  • Green Fee: $5
  • Legal Fee: $9
  • Parking Permit (annual): $125

*Please note that this is an estimate. Please see the Bursar’s website to estimate your cost of attendance per semester, including additional fees.

More Information Regarding Assistantship Work:

Students receiving an academic year graduate assistantship will, in most cases, teach two courses the first year in BGSU’s University Writing Program, one course in each of the fall and spring semesters. In the second year of study, graduate assistants have the opportunity to teach one section of Creative Writing at the undergraduate level. They also teach again in the University Writing Program, or they can apply for an administrative position assisting the Director of Creative Writing or filling a role for the literary journal Mid-American Review.

Students with academic year assistantships are also eligible to apply for additional funding during the summer, though this is not guaranteed.

The continuation of assistantships from year to year requires that students maintain good standing in their academic program and successfully meet the requirements of their assistantship duties.

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