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American Culture Studies graduates find a variety of fields and employment venues that rely upon knowledge of American culture as well as the analytical and communication skills that our program helps students to develop. American Culture Studies graduates find employment in the interrelated fields of journalism, editing, publishing, and public relations. They are attractive candidates for jobs in non-profit and community service organizations, government agencies (at the national, state, and local levels), libraries, and historical and cultural museums. As part of their studies, our students develop skills that are useful in such fields as urban and regional planning, environmental analysis, cultural and historical preservation, and archival management.

For students considering careers in law, business, ministry, or other related fields, American culture studies offers a broad interdisciplinary background supplemented by specialized courses to enhance entry into these fields. Students planning on graduate studies will find American Culture Studies to provide preparation for entry into graduate programs in American studies, cultural studies, literature, history, anthropology, folklore, art history, women’s studies, ethnic studies, and other culturally oriented courses of study.

Updated: 02/15/2018 11:59AM