Prospective Students

Why Computer Science/Software Engineering?

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering provides students with knowledge and skills that span the range from theory through programming to cutting-degree development of software and computing solutions. This expertise lead to careers in fast-growing, high-paying, in-demand fields such as software development, computer networking, cybersecurity/digital forensics, and data science.

Why the Bachelor of Computer Science/Software Engineering at BGSU?

Small class sizes and highly qualified professors provide for a strong and interactive learning environment for students to gain the necessary expertise to succeed in high-demand occupations. The strength and uniqueness of our program are:

  • Preparing students for high paying, in-demand jobs;
  • Delivering a continuously evolving curriculum by dedicated faculty;
  • Fostering a comprehensive and collaborative student-centered learning environment;
  • Offering hands-on learning experience such as internships, co-ops, research projects, and service learning experiences;
  • Providing a multilayer advising structure for student success;
  • Supporting active student organizations for professional development and networking;

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Admission Requirement

To support student success, Computer Science and Software Engineering require additional admission criteria beyond the university’s admission requirement.  A student who wishes to declare the major of Computer Science or Software Engineering must meet one of the following admission criteria:

  • SAT - prior to March 2016: a score of 520 or higher on the Math section; or
  • SAT - starting March 2016: a score of 550 or higher on the Math section; or
  • ACT - an ACT math score of 22 or higher; or
  • Prior completion of MATH 99 or MATH 1210, or equivalent.

(Students not meeting the admission requirement may work with a CS faculty mentor to ensure appropriate coursework and advising, and then declare the major after completing the requirement.)

Updated: 09/10/2021 01:02PM