CS/SE External Mentorship Program for Underrepresented Students

Providing additional mentoring support for our underrepresented students...

Historically, underrepresented groups (e.g., females, African-American, Hispanic/Latinx etc.), in computer science (CS) fields face unique structural and social barriers, which create differences in opportunities to obtain education and pursue a career in this vital field. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects CS-related jobs to grow much faster than those of other domains (e.g., 24% increase in software developer positions are projected by 2026, resulting in approximately 1.4 million more software development jobs than applicants who can fill them). However, only a small percentage of CS bachelor’s degrees in the United States are earned by underrepresented groups (e.g., women earn 18% of CS bachelor’s degrees).

To support underrepresented groups pursuing a CS/ SE degree, the Department of Computer Science at BGSU offers a unique mentorship opportunity that allows students to engage with an industry mentor to learn about the challenges and practices related to real-world workplaces.

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Trip to Google office in Ann Arbor, MI


The Bowling Green Computer Science External Mentorship Program (BGCS-EMP) pairs each underrepresented student with one of our industry partners for a unique mentorship experience.

As a student participant you will be able to...

  • Learn from the industry experts and prepare for your career;
  • Gain practical advice;
  • Increase your confidence;
  • Hone your communication, study and personal skills;
  • Expand networking opportunities;
  • and much more.

The responsibilities of the participants (please read these before you sign up as a mentor or mentee):

To sign up for BGCS-EMP, use one of the following links and provide your information:

Any questions about the CS-EMP opportunity can be directed to the Program Lead, Dr. JK Jake Lee, at leej@bgsu.edu

Updated: 09/10/2021 03:15PM