Faculty & Staff

The instructors facilitating Africana Studies courses are mostly comprised of members of the Graduate Faculty with a strong record of effective teaching and research. Although the Africana Studies major is primarily an undergraduate offering, Africana Faculty, in cooperation with American Culture Studies, History, and other disciplines, serve as mentors to masters and doctoral students by chairing examination and dissertation committees. Faculty may also create individualized and independent studies based on some aspect of the student's field of study as it relates to Africa and the Diaspora. Listed below are the Faculty associated with Africana Studies. Students should feel free to contact these members for more information. 


Rebecca L. Skinner Green, PhD

Position: Director, Africana Studies
Associate Professor, School of Arts
Phone: 419.372.2269, 419.372.8514
Email: rlgreen@bgsu.edu
Address: 132 Shatzel Hall, 1010 Fine Arts


Apollos Nwauwa, PhD

Position: Professor, History
Phone: 419.372.9483
Email: nwauwa@bgsu.edu
Address: 132 Williams Hall


Kefa M. Otiso, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, Geography
Director, Global Village
Phone: 419.372.9352
Email: kmotiso@bgsu.edu
Address: 308A Hanna Hall


Opportune Zongo, PhD

Position: Associate Professor
Romance Languages and Women's Studies
Phone: 419.372.7396
Email: ozongo@bgsu.edu
Address: 210 Shatzel Hall


Nicole Jackson, PhD

Position: Assistant Professor
History Department
Phone: 419.372.2030
Email: nmjacks@bgsu.edu
Address: 128 Williams


Angela M. S. Nelson, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, Popular Culture
Acting Chair, Ethnic Studies
Phone: 419.372.2981; 419.372.7864; 419-372-2577 (fax)
Email: anelson@bgsu.edu


Pedro Porben, PHD

Position: Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures
Phone: 419.372.7154
Email: porbenp@bgsu.edu
Address: 225 Shatzel


Ewart Skinner, PHD

Position: Associate Professor, School of Media & Communication
Phone: 419.372.8646
Email: eskinne@bgsu.edu
Address: 401 Kuhlin Center

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Position: Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Composition, Theory
Phone: 419-372-9481
Email: sidral@bgsu.edu
Address: 2131 Moore Musical Arts Center


Sidra Lawrence is an Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology at Bowling Green State University. She received a PhD in Ethnomusicology and a doctoral portfolio in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research, based on ethnographic work in the border region of Ghana and Burkina Faso, explores the connections between racialized gender ideologies, musical performance, and the sexed body. In her book manuscript, this animal called culture: Performing Feminism and the Politics of Everyday Solidarities, Lawrence investigates ways in which women are regulated through the mobilization of cultural authenticity. Focusing on micro-narratives of empowerment, she argues for a re-theorization of resistance that prioritizes the everyday actions, artistic pursuits, and modes of communication that women employ in order to re-imagine feminist coalition building and an indigenous politics of solidarity. She is also editing a volume on the connections between the erotic, ethnography, and sound, in The Erotic Life of Sound and Movement: Recasting Ethnographic Experience in Africa and the Diaspora. She is currently working on a project that connects African studies, critical geography and media studies in Ouagadougou. Her work has been supported by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the West African Research Association. She has received awards for her presentations from the Society for Ethnomusicology African Music Section, and the Section on the Status of Women. She has publications in African Music, the Latin American Music Review, and Ethnomusicology.