Faculty & Staff

The instructors facilitating Africana Studies courses are mostly comprised of members of the Graduate Faculty with a strong record of effective teaching and research. Although the Africana Studies major is primarily an undergraduate offering, Africana Faculty, in cooperation with American Culture Studies, History, and other disciplines, serve as mentors to masters and doctoral students by chairing examination and dissertation committees. Faculty may also create individualized and independent studies based on some aspect of the student's field of study as it relates to Africa and the Diaspora. Listed below are the Faculty associated with Africana Studies. Students should feel free to contact these members for more information. 


Rebecca L. Skinner Green, PhD

Position: Director, Africana Studies
Associate Professor, School of Art, Art History
Phone: 419.372.2269, 419.372.8514
Email: rlgreen@bgsu.edu
Address: 132 Shatzel Hall, 1010 Fine Arts

World Art and Culture, especially funerary art and practices in Madagascar, contemporary arts in African and Caribbean, and Trinidad carnival

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Apollos Nwauwa, PhD

Position: Professor, History
Phone: 419.372.9483
Email: nwauwa@bgsu.edu
Address: 132 Williams Hall

Modern Africa (colonial and contemporary), Education in Africa, African Cultures and Societies, Africa in Global Politics, Nigerian History, History of the Igbo of Southeastern Nigeria, African Diaspora Studies

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Kefa M. Otiso, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, Geography
Director, Global Village
Phone: 419.372.9352
Email: kmotiso@bgsu.edu
Address: 308A Hanna Hall

Urban-Economic, African Development, Immigration, GIS Applications

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Opportune Zongo, PhD

Position: Associate Professor
Romance Languages and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 419.372.7396
Email: ozongo@bgsu.edu
Address: 210 Shatzel Hall

Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, French, Francophone, Anglophone African, Caribbean Literatures and Cultures

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Nicole Jackson, PhD

Position: Assistant Professor, History
Phone: 419.372.2030
Email: nmjacks@bgsu.edu
Address: 128 Williams

African American History, Black British History, African Diaspora History, Colonial/De-colonial/Post-Imperial History, Social and Cultural History, Women’s History, Modern American History

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Angela Nelson

Angela M. Nelson, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, Popular Culture
Phone: 419.372.0284
Email: anelson@bgsu.edu
Address: 249 Shatzel Hall

20th and 21st Century African-American Popular Culture, African-American Sacred Music and Secular Music (Popular), Religion and Black Popular Culture

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Ewart Skinner, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, School of Media & Communication
Phone: 419.372.8646
Email: eskinne@bgsu.edu
Address: 401 Kuhlin Center

International and Global Communication Studies, Health Communication and HIV/AIDS in Third World, Caribbean Area Studies, Global Labor and Telecommunications

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Christopher Witulski, PhD

Position: Instructor, Ethnomusicology
College of Musical Arts
Phone: 419-372-8852
Email: cwituls@bgsu.edu
Address: 2142 Moore Musical Arts Center


Khani Begum, PhD

Position: Associate Professor, English
Phone: 419-372-8143
Email: khani@bgsu.edu
Address: 302 East Hall

Modern and Contemporary British and Postcolonial Literatures and Film; Postcolonial, Feminist, and Cultural Theories

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Thomas Edge

Thomas Edge

Position: Associate Teaching Professor, Ethnic Studies Department
Phone: 419-372-2796
Email: tjedge@bgsu.edu
Address: 238 Shatzel Hall

African American Studies

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Sidra Lawrence

Sidra Lawrence

Position: Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology
Phone: 419-372-9481
Email: sidral@bgsu.edu
Address: 2131 Moore Musical Arts Center


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Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams, M.F.A.

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Film
Phone: 419-372-3199
Email: dewilli@bgsu.edu
Address: 225 Wolfe Center

Film I: Basic Cinematography, Film II: Editing: Image and Sound, Film III: Sync Sound Production, Screenwriting

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