Would you like to plan your own major and choose courses from a number of interdisciplinary subject areas that interest you? Would you like to travel and study abroad? Would you like to work abroad in governmental and non-governmental positions? Do you enjoy studying the history, culture, social issues and achievements of peoples of African descent in the United States and other parts of the world? Would you like to receive a first-rate liberal arts degree in order to be well prepared for the job market locally and globally as well as work for graduate study? If you have answered yes to these questions, you should seriously consider majoring in Africana Studies.

Requirements: Major and Minor

Full-time faculty members work closely with students in planning a major or minor course of study based on specific individual interests.

For requirements and curriculum, see the major checksheet.





View course descriptions and/or determine which courses will be offered each semester. Also, students interested in learning more about requirements for majors and minors should contact the College of Arts & Sciences at 372-2016 or Dr. Rebecca Skinner Green, Director of Africana Studies at 419-372-2269 or 419-372-8514.

Updated: 10/31/2018 03:18PM