Christopher Witulski


  • Position: Associate Teaching Professor (Ethnomusicology)
  • Phone: (419) 372-8852
  • Email:
  • Address: 2142 Moore Musical Arts Center

Christopher Witulski (PhD in ethnomusicology, University of Florida, 2014) is the author of The Gnawa Lions: Opportunity and Authenticity in Moroccan Ritual Music (2018, Indiana University Press) and Focus: Music and Religion of Morocco (2019, Routledge Press), two books focusing on changes in sacred performance practices in contemporary Morocco and across North Africa. This work—and other articles appearing in journals like EthnomusicologyEthnomusicology Forum, the Journal of North African Studies, the Yale Journal of Music and Religion, and the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies—explores how musicians negotiate their listeners’ tastes, global markets, and the aesthetics required for productive ritual. 

Dr. Witulski is also an active performer of Arabic and American old time music on violin, ‘ud, and banjo. He has performed with the National Arab Orchestra in Michigan, at the Fez Festival of Sacred Music and in other settings across Morocco, and in professional orchestras in Florida and Georgia. Other interests include theoretical and computational approaches to popular and world music, the relationship between ethics and aesthetics in popular manifestations of religious music, and building banjos. Dr. Witulski taught at Florida State University before coming to the BGSU College of Musical Arts in 2016.

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