Academic Investment in Mathematics and Science (AIMS) Program

The Purpose

The purpose of the Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS) program is to provide need-based scholarships and holistic support to students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) undergraduate degrees at BGSU.

  • Reflection and Sense of Self: Students in the AIMS Program will be able to demonstrate a developing sense of self as a professional in a math, science, engineering, or technology related field.
  • Connections to Experience: Students in the AIMS Program will be able to relate their AIMS Program experience to the impact those interactions have had on their academic goals and their career goals.
  • Transfer: Students in the AIMS Program will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from their experience in the AIMS Program to other BGSU experiences and non-BGSU experiences.
  • Help students transition from high school to college.
  • Aid students in navigating and designing their BGSU undergraduate experience.
  • Assist students in planning for next steps after graduating from BGSU
  • Four-year renewable scholarship to assist with the cost of college
  • Opportunity to build connections with other students
  • Support from AIMS staff, including regular meetings
  • Participate in AIMS summer bridge program free of charge
  • Exploration of career paths and self-assessment of interests
  • Broad science exposure
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in research, industry, and education and connect with faculty at BGSU
  • Assistance with finding undergraduate research opportunities
  • Access to GRE, MCAT and other professional school study materials
  • Ability to participate in AIMS Theme Community

Updated: 08/02/2023 09:48AM