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Students build Habitat for Humanity House

AIMS students volunteered to work on a Habitat for Humanity house in Bowling Green

Fourteen AIMS students put their STEM knowledge to work with a hands-on project to help the community.

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Alexandra Patterson at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

My Summer Experience

I’m currently a senior at Bowling Green State University and am majoring in biology with specializations in both marine biology and conservation ecology. One day I hope to utilize my degree at a rescue and rehabilitation center for marine mammals, where I can care for wild creatures and educate the public on our efforts and the importance of conserving our oceans. Having grown up in a family of scuba divers and getting certified at the age of 10, I’ve had the chance to see firsthand how our actions as human beings impact aquatic life. It’s this insight that has pushed my desire for a career in conservation and rehabilitation. I feel compelled to help save the coral reefs and magnificent creatures of the sea. I am only one person, but I have a voice and the knowledge to help make a change.



In pursuit of medicine

Student uses life experience for motivation

By Matt Markey

A series of major moves early in life could cause a young child to withdraw and maybe not reach their potential. It also could have a detrimental impact on their development as a student. Or in the case of Neisha Medina, those transitions could serve as a platform for advancement, maturation and maximizing your potential. In her life, the miles traveled have created a motivated, committed and highly-focused student in pursuit of a career as a doctor.

Updated: 11/07/2018 03:04PM