AIMS Associated Scholarships

To be eligible for an AIMS scholarship you must meet the following criteria
  1. 3.0+ GPA
  2. 20+ ACT 
  3. Major in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics, (STEM)
  4. Meet the criteria for any of the scholarships listed below.

The AIMS Program currently has two (2) undergraduate STEM-Based scholarships associated with it. See Scholarship Table below. Each scholarship has its own set of requirements, participation standards and award amounts. While prospective BGSU students, if eligible, may apply for one or both, they can only be awarded one of the scholarship packages.

Summer Bridge (Estimated Value) $1,750
Academic Year One $2,000
Academic Year Two $2,500
Academic Year Three $3,000
Academic Year Four $3,500
Extended Scholarship Options $3,000
Total: $15,750

Renewable: Based on academic performance, fulfillment of all requirements for the AIMS program, and continued availability of funding from the sources that provide financial support for the AIMS program.

AIMS Scholarship Usage

The AIMS academic year scholarship can only be used to pay the costs of tuition and fees. The scholarship is paid in two equal amounts fall and spring terms (half of the full scholarship amount for each term).

Scholarship Renewal 

Students who remain in Good Standing will receive the full scholarship amount, including the annual $500incremental increase.

Scholarships for students in the Satisfactory Standing category will be renewed but NOT awarded the $500 incremental scholarship increase nor the Extended Scholarship Option (ESO). If the student regains Good Standing they will then be eligible for future $500 annual increments.

Scholarships for students in Probationary Standing will be renewed for one semester at a reduced level of $1500. If the student does not meet the conditions for at least Satisfactory Standing for a second consecutive term, that student’s scholarship will be Suspended.For scholarship renewal, a student who is in Probationary Standing must complete an Academic Success Plan (ASP) that is approved by the AIMS Director specifying the actions the student will take to improve their performance and to meet expectations and must attend every meeting scheduled with their academic coach. This ASP must be submitted by the second week of the term for which the scholarship would be renewed. A student who is repeatedly and/or consistently in Poor Standing and whose ASP is not approved or who shows no sign of improvement will be assigned Suspension status.

A student having Suspension status will not receive funding from AIMS but is advised to fully participate in all AIMS activities and events including academic coaching sessions so that they can meet all requirements and regain Good Standing. Suspension status can be appealed when the student has met program requirements and expectations. Scholarship renewal requires that the student fully meets program requirements and expectations and achieves Good Standing for at least one term and appeals their reinstatement prior to the beginning of the next academic term in which the student would like their scholarship restored.

Extended Scholarship Option Guidelines

AIMS Scholars are expected to complete their bachelors degree in four years and have a great deal of support to help them achieve that important goal. However, when circumstances warrant, limited additional scholarship support is available for enrolling in a maximum of two summer terms or a maximum of two additional semesters as an Extended Scholarship Option (ESO). To apply for the ESO students should justify the need by citing the factors that prevented completion of the degree requirements within the expected time period and their plan for completing the degree with this additional support.

ESO, Summer Session(s)

Full-time AIMS Scholars in “Good Standing” may apply for one or two summer session award(s). For AIMS Scholars desiring to enroll in summer classes, a scholarship, not to exceed $1500 for the entire summer,may be awarded. The amount for enrolling in a single 3-5 credit course is typically $750. To receive the full amount of $1500 a student must be enrolled in at least two courses of at least 3-5 credits each, usually at least one course for each of the six-week summer terms. The maximum amount of total summer ESO support a student can receive is $1500. See Appendix A for the application.

ESO, 9th and/or 10th Semester(s)

Full-time AIMS Scholars in “Good Standing” at BGSU (as outlined in the AIMS Student Handbook) who have maintained an approved Degree Completion Plan and have made timely progress towards completing their degree but are unable to do so within four years due to special circumstances may apply for a maximum of two ESO semester awards. For this option, a maximum total amount of $1500 may be awarded to AIMS Scholars. Scholarships are awarded based on their extenuating circumstances and how well they have met program expectations. See Appendix B for the application.

AIMS ESO Awards: Application Submission Requirement

  • Submission of completed application form with required signatures;
  • Adherence to application deadline;
  • Total ESO awards for summer terms and 9th/10thsemesters cannot exceed $3000.

AIMS ESO Award: Selection Criteria

  • Applicant’s adherence to application deadlines and funding requirements;
  • Full-Time student at Bowling Green State University in “Good Standing” with AIMS;
  • Applicant’s rationale for taking summer classes or for delaying graduation beyond 8 academic year semesters;
  • Quality of applicant’s responses;
  • Participation in AIMS events (i.e. community service commitments, meetings, STEM exposures, etc.). Note: AIMS ESO Awards are contingent upon available funds.

Updated: 03/31/2021 11:42AM