AIMS Theme Community


The AIMS Learning Community is a place to live and learn alongside peers who share your interest and enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This learning community assists students in navigating challenging first-year courses in science, technology, and math disciplines while making lifelong friendships. It is a friendly, comfortable spot on campus where you will have easy access to your classmates and where you will have the opportunity to practice and master the fundamentals of calculus and other key courses right in your residence hall. Students in the AIMS Learning Community live in close proximity to their classrooms and laboratories. Although the AIMS Learning Community strives to enrich students’ academic success, it is far from “all work and no play”; it also creates lasting connections among community members through field trips, leadership development activities, floor programs, and shared meals.

AIMS 2Opportunities  

  • Students are clustered together based on academic interest and will have access to additional resources in the building.
  • Academic support, study lounges with in-hall computer clusters, and faculty involvement.
  • Learning Community staff creates exciting experiences to meet, interact, and bond with other STEM students who share the same adventures, challenges, and opportunities. 


  • Fun, social opportunities for students to connect with each other as well as to faculty and staff within the STEM disciplines.
  • Connect right away with classmates and peers and begin to establish the friendships and team-building skills critical to success in STEM disciplines as students explore common interests.
  • Students’ future success is also enhanced through the development of relationships with faculty members around research opportunities and career exploration.

Statistics and Information 

  • Open to all students admitted to the AIMS program who are looking for a supportive community that is connected to academic and social resources.
  • No course requirement for this learning community

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