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Textbook Purchasing

BGSU does not have a bookstore on campus. The best way to purchase textbooks is through the virtual bookstore, and we're here to help you navigate that process! At the beginning of each Fall semester, personalized assistance with textbook purchases will be offered at several in-person events. Knowledgeable staff members will be available to answer questions, provide guidance, and help you navigate the virtual bookstore's online platform. Virtual appointments are available at any time of the year.

See upcoming event dates and locations below, or schedule a virtual appointment.

We understand that textbooks play a crucial role in your academic journey.
We're here to help you navigate the process smoothly.

Schedule An Individual Virtual Appointment

If you can’t make it to any of the in-person events listed below, individual appointments are available virtually to assist you with the textbook buying process.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Upcoming Textbook Purchasing Events

Updated: 04/23/2024 11:11AM