Student Organizations

At Bowling Green State University, we have more than 300 student organizations for you to choose from! Let us help you explore all of your options for involvement and find opportunities to build community, learn new skills and achieve your goals.

Student Engagement is here to help you get connected on campus and help organizations at BGSU thrive. From student involvement consultations and organization success consults to organization support workshops and events, we have a variety of opportunities for you. Our online student organization engagement platform, Presence provides a current directory of all of our organizations and includes contact and meeting information for all our organizations!

Organization Directory

BGSU has sixteen different categories of organizations. Take a look at the categories below, or visit the organization directory to see a full listing of the organizations at BGSU.

Groups in this category focus on academic topics and are complementary and community spaces for students' academic coursework. These organizations are often linked to an academic program or administrative office in a formal manner. They are often affiliated with a specific major, field of study, or University function.

Groups in this category participate in athletic competitions, including organized practices and skill development. Membership is restricted to current BGSU students only. These groups are required to be affiliated with Club Sports Program in the Department of Recreation and Wellness, and the groups’ primary advisory will be a staff member from that department.

Groups in this category focus on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through activity, discussion, and events in support of health and wellness related topics.

Groups in this category work with a variety of print and digital media

Groups in this category serve to raise awareness and engagement around topics of a political issue, affiliation, or cause. These groups encourage voter education and activism on campus.

Groups in this category have a primary mission or purpose for religious or spiritual sharing, growth, or education.

The minimum number of members required for organizations within this category is defined within the Greek Standards of Excellence. In addition, these groups are advised by staff from the Office of Campus Activities and are not required to have a faculty or staff advisor. They are affiliated with an inter/national organization, must have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) (7) of the Internal Revenue Code, and must limit membership to currently enrolled students at the university.

Social fraternity and sorority organizations are ineligible for funding from the Student Budget Committee. The U.S. Department of Education has established the following criteria for classification as a social fraternity or sorority:

(a) Organization does not limit membership to persons pursuing or having interest in a particular field of study, profession or academic discipline

(b) Organization does not serve as an honorary society for academic, leadership, or any other endeavor 

(c) Organization does not permit members to hold membership in other social sororities or fraternities.

Groups in this category have a primary mission of engaging in activities involving fine, liberal, visual, decorative, applied, design, craft and performing arts.

Groups in this category have a primary mission or purpose to raise cultural and identity awareness, respect for diversity, and/or foster a sense of community.

Groups in this category have been recognized by the university Honors and Awards Committee as an approved BGSU honorary. These organizations recognize excellence in areas including leadership, service, or scholastic achievement.

Groups in this category have a primary mission or purpose to collect and donate resources for humanitarian purposes, perform community service, or to coordinate volunteer opportunities.

Groups in this category help students advance knowledge and skills associated with a particular career, job, or trade.

Groups in this category provide an outlet for students to engage in leisure activities or do not easily fit within the other defined categories. They are a formed by a group of students who share a common interest and a commitment to an articulated mission and purpose for the organization.

Groups in this category have been recognized by the university as serving to coordinate the endeavors of other registered organizations. These organizations are ineligible for funding from the student budget committee.

Organization Directory

Our student organization directory, hosted by Presence, lists the contact information for all the organizations currently registered at BGSU.

Organization Calculator

The organization calculator can help you to narrow down the over 350 organizations BGSU offers to ones that match your interests.

Whats Going on in Student Organizations?

Updated: 08/07/2023 11:45AM