"The dance was so energetic, and the painting was calming, all with good food. I loved learning about the traditions."

"I love whenever there’s painting because I rarely get to do art with so many other things going on! Also, the snacks are top tier!"

Falcons After Dark

Falcons After Dark offers a series of high-energy events that provide quality entertainment for BGSU students from 7-11 p.m. every Friday night in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. Events are hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, are free for all BGSU students, and always include music, free food, engaging activities and tons of fun!

  • It keeps me from going home on the weekends.
  • I like these events and how different they are each time. I think it’s a really great start to bringing students together in a fun way.
  • I like how the staff really set up these events, it helps show students how to have a good time and focus on things other than their classwork 
  • I liked the free pictures that had the Falcons After Dark and the Family Weekend printed on it because it made it more memorable  
  • I liked the uniqueness of the wax hands and the fun/treat of the cookies 
  • I really enjoyed the Bob Ross painting session! 
  • The crafting events are always so much fun! The staff working the events are always friendly and make everyone feel welcome! 

Upcoming Falcons After Dark Events:

Updated: 05/23/2023 08:24AM