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Legal Libraries and Resources on the Web

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Bowling Green Municipal Court - Find information on current or past cases in the local court, including forms to file for expungement of a criminal record.

VersusLaw - Legal Opinions from the US Supreme, Federal, and State Appellate Courts. Source of numerous court opinions and an excellent way to undertake your own legal research. Search for cases similar to yours from around the country.

WWLIA Home Page - This is a link to the World Wide Legal Information Association. Based in Canada, it includes information about law in many other countries, including the U.S. It also has links to other sites that may be useful.

Nolo Home Page - The Nolo law center is a site with all kinds of accessible and easy to use legal information. The site has a search engine that lets you find stuff relevant to your particular problem. They even have lawyer jokes!

Lawguru - Here you can find answers to many common legal questions such as sexual harassment law, automobile accidents, and civil law.

Findforms - Search through a database of thousands of free legal forms. Their one of a kind search engine will allow you to easily find the form you are looking for.

Ohio Land Lord Tenant - A source for tenants rights and information concerning security deposit, rent escrow, and lease agreements.

Link to Ohio Politics - Find your legislator, read and monitor bills, review House and Senate Calendars.

American Bar Association Internet Help Site - Provides a variety of legal information. - Anything you need to know about mediation.

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