Survey Research & Impact Analysis


CRD conducts survey research for a variety of partners to gather specific data from particular populations, including businesses, employers, subject-matter experts, community members, and other stakeholders. Surveys are excellent mechanisms for collecting input, perceptions, and opinions. CRD’s neutral position and its dedication to ensuring anonymity and confidentiality make it a trusted survey administrator.

CRD also performs economic impact analyses for a wide range of partners and activities. An economic impact analysis illustrates how a specific change in a region will impact jobs, income, economic output, and tax revenue. The CRD research team also analyzes qualitative impacts, which uncover additional effects. The analyses serve as important decision-making tools and can help communicate the benefits of a course of action. CRD analysts specialize in analyzing an assortment of actions and entities including, but not limited to:

  • Business Impacts
  • Industry Impacts
  • Event Impacts
  • Policy Impacts

Our Projects

Updated: 02/12/2024 03:59PM