CRD Awarded CARES Act Funding to Support Recovery Efforts

CRD received a $300,000 CARES Act grant to support economic and workforce development recovery strategies across a 27-county region in Northwest Ohio. This funding was provided to Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Centers (UC), including the Rural University Consortium, which is jointly operated by CRD and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University. The grant will support additional capacity for the UC, boosting its ability to help communities reimagine more resilient economies. “Our local communities are navigating never-before-seen challenges due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Russell W. Mills, senior director of CRD. “This funding is critical in allowing CRD to bring additional staff capacity and expertise on board to expand our reach and support northwest Ohio.”

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CRD is Growing

Increased federal funding and state support have allowed CRD to increase its capacity and expand its reach across the region. CRD promoted one staff member, filled a new budget and operations position, and is in the process of hiring an economic recovery program coordinator. Dr. Nichole Fifer was promoted to assistant director. She previously served as an economic development program coordinator at CRD. For the new assistant to the senior director position, CRD hired another BGSU staff member, Vijaya Dasigi. She will focus on CRD’s budget and operations. CRD will soon hire an economic recovery program coordinator to lead the center’s recovery efforts. The staff also includes more graduate research assistants than usual. All of this is to keep us with all of the new and exciting projects CRD took on this year. Learn more about the CRD staff.

Nichole and VijayaLeft: Dr. Nichole Fifer, Right: Vijaya Dasigi

Creating Stronger Pathways to Infant Vitality

CRD is proud to announce our partnership with the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio (HCNO) and ProMedica Health Systems to implement Stronger Pathways, a research study aimed at helping our partners address infant mortality in Northwest Ohio. This study will assess avenues for targeted enhancement to the Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB, a coordinated care system aimed at preventing infant mortality. Through a $270,000 Ohio Third Frontier (OTF) grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), BGSU researchers will work closely with our partners and program participants to evaluate the Pathways program and HUB operations, and to identify barriers to HUB access or pathways completion. Together we aim to strengthen the Pathways HUB model to ensure greater infant vitality in our community.

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